Anaphase Onset Before Complete DNA Replication with Intact Checkpoint Responses

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Science  09 Mar 2007:
Vol. 315, Issue 5817, pp. 1411-1415
DOI: 10.1126/science.1134025

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Cellular checkpoints prevent mitosis in the presence of stalled replication forks. Whether checkpoints also ensure the completion of DNA replication before mitosis is unknown. Here, we show that in yeast smc5-smc6 mutants, which are related to cohesin and condensin, replication is delayed, most significantly at natural replication-impeding loci like the ribosomal DNA gene cluster. In the absence of Smc5-Smc6, chromosome nondisjunction occurs as a consequence of mitotic entry with unfinished replication despite intact checkpoint responses. Eliminating processes that obstruct replication fork progression restores the temporal uncoupling between replication and segregation in smc5-smc6 mutants. We propose that the completion of replication is not under the surveillance of known checkpoints.

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