Corrections and Clarifications

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Science  05 Oct 2007:
Vol. 318, Issue 5847, pp. 44a
DOI: 10.1126/science.318.5847.44a

Reports: “Intra- and intermolecular band dispersion in an organic crystal” by G. Koller et al. (20 July, p. 351). The legend for Fig. 1 should have included the following information: The illustrative STM image of Fig. 1B was obtained at the Institute of Physics, Freie Universität Berlin, in collaboration with L. Grill.

Reports: “Food web-specific biomagnification of persistent organic pollutants” by B. C. Kelly et al. (13 July, p. 236). In Table 1, molecular weights were incorrectly reported for six chemicals. The corrected molecular weights (in parentheses) for the following compounds are: trifluralin (335); 1,2,4,5 TeCBz (216); PCB 180 (395); PBDE 47 (486); PBDE 99 (565); and PBDE 209 (960).

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