Coherent Control of a Single Electron Spin with Electric Fields

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Science  30 Nov 2007:
Vol. 318, Issue 5855, pp. 1430-1433
DOI: 10.1126/science.1148092

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Manipulation of single spins is essential for spin-based quantum information processing. Electrical control instead of magnetic control is particularly appealing for this purpose, because electric fields are easy to generate locally on-chip. We experimentally realized coherent control of a single-electron spin in a quantum dot using an oscillating electric field generated by a local gate. The electric field induced coherent transitions (Rabi oscillations) between spin-up and spin-down with 90° rotations as fast as ∼55 nanoseconds. Our analysis indicated that the electrically induced spin transitions were mediated by the spin-orbit interaction. Taken together with the recently demonstrated coherent exchange of two neighboring spins, our results establish the feasibility of fully electrical manipulation of spin qubits.

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