Recognition of a Ubiquitous Self Antigen by Prostate Cancer-Infiltrating CD8+ T Lymphocytes

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Science  11 Jan 2008:
Vol. 319, Issue 5860, pp. 215-220
DOI: 10.1126/science.1148886

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Substantial evidence exists that many tumors can be specifically recognized by CD8+ T lymphocytes. The definition of antigens targeted by these cells is paramount for the development of effective immunotherapeutic strategies for treating human cancers. In a screen for endogenous tumor-associated T cell responses in a primary mouse model of prostatic adenocarcinoma, we identified a naturally arising CD8+ T cell response that is reactive to a peptide derived from histone H4. Despite the ubiquitous nature of histones, T cell recognition of histone H4 peptide was specifically associated with the presence of prostate cancer in these mice. Thus, the repertoire of antigens recognized by tumor-infiltrating T cells is broader than previously thought and includes peptides derived from ubiquitous self antigens that are normally sequestered from immune detection.

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