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Science  11 Jan 2008:
Vol. 319, Issue 5860, pp. 221
DOI: 10.1126/science.319.5860.221

Molecular Biology Liquid Handling

Three products have been released in the CyBi-GeneRobots line that combine reliable nucleic acid purification processes with precise low-volume pipetting capacity. The CyBi-DiluSpro is an eight-channel pipettor suited for many molecular biology applications. Because it offers high precision over the pipetting range of 0.5 ml to 250 ml, it is a suitable choice for polymerase chain reaction set-up and clean-up, as well as sequencing reaction set-up and clean-up. The CyBi-Well vario is a multi-channel pipettor suited for nucleic acid transfer applications in the 96-well, 384-well, and 1536-well format, such as high-throughput small-interfering RNA screenings. Exchangeable pipetting heads cover a volume from 25 nl to 250 ml to provide flexibility from the downscaling of reaction volumes to throughput increases. Sterile and polymerase chain reaction-certified disposable tips provide reliable results without cross-contamination. The pipetting technology enables gentle cell handling as well as rapid nucleic acid transfer protocols on the same instrument. The CyBi-RoboSpense is an all-purpose pipetting robot with four or eight individually addressable channels, suitable for nucleic acid purification, processing, and analysis applications. The system works with tubes and plates both in the 96-well and 384-well format. It is designed for fully automated sample purification and reaction set-up and clean-up tasks.


For information +49 36 41 351 0

Mobile Ductless Fume Hoods

The EDU Mobile Ductless Fume Hoods are a low-cost solution for clean air requirements, providing operator protection when using hazardous substances. These economical and efficient units feature high-quality pre-filters and carbon filters with efficiencies greater than 99.6%, all-around visibility, mobility from laboratory to laboratory, and easy installation. They include alarms that monitor filter, airflow, and filter lifetime.

Air Science USA

For information 800-306-0656

Trypsin Removal

Mag-Trypsin provides a method for magnetically immobilizing trypsin that allows it to be removed easily from a protein digestion mixture using a magnetic separator after the reaction is complete. Treatment with trypsin immobilized on magnetic beads prior to immobilization inhibits chymotrypsin activity without any effect on trypsin. Unlike agarose-linked immobilized trypsin, Mag-Trypsin does not require any centrifugation or use of columns. It provides a simple method for eliminating trypsin contamination after digesting protein samples to their peptide constituents in preparation for such techniques as mass spectroscopy or peptide enrichment.

Clontech Laboratories

For information 650-919-7382

Protein Expression Media

The ProNSO Chemically Defined (CD) Serum-free Media support maximal production of recombinant protein in NSO cells. The NSO cell line is widely used for recombinant mammalian protein expression in research and biotherapeutic applications. Two formulas are available to cover a broad range of nutritional needs, with a companion ProNSO Lipid CD Supplement also available.


For information 800-521-0390

T Cell Isolation

The flow-compatible Dynal Dynabeads Regulatory CD4+CD25+ T Cell Kit is used for positive isolation of human regulatory T cells (Treg cells). The tube-based technology provides highly functional Treg cells with up to 97% purity. In the three-step isolation procedure, cells are left both bead-free and antibody-free after isolation, and can be used in any downstream experiment.


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Diamond Knife

A new diamond knife for the sectioning of frozen hydrated specimens features a 25ÿ angle for the least possible compression and the best structural preservation. Its cutting range is from 25–200 nm and it is available in a 3.0-mm diamond width. The triangular holder, suitable for dry sectioning, as well as the trough, for sectioning using fluids, are both made from a special copper-nickel alloy, for the best possible heat/cold conduction. A cold-resistant epoxy resin is used for the seal.


For information 215-412-8390

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