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Science  18 Jan 2008:
Vol. 319, Issue 5861, pp. 348
DOI: 10.1126/science.319.5861.348

Thermal Analysis Line

The Thermogravimetric Analysis and Differential Scanning Calorimeter System (TGA/DSC 1) combines the new DSC 1 system and updated STARe Thermal Analysis software. The TGA/DSC 1 cuts analysis time by 50 percent, increases productivity, and provides a wealth of information from a single measurement. The innovative sample temperature sensor is attached directly to the weighing arm and detects temperature deviations of ±0.25 K from ambient temperature to 1,600 °C. The color touchscreen terminal allows the status of the measurement to be seen even at a distance. The system offers high sensitivity, excellent temperature resolution, flat baseline, and a robust design. The DSC 1 is able to separate close-lying effects at heating rates up to 300°C/min, reducing analysis times. When the touch-free SmartSens infrared sensors are activated, users can open and close the furnace without touching any part of the instrument or disrupting a measurement. The software includes an optional interface for integration with a laboratory management information system.

Mettler Toledo

For information 614-438-4686

Cell Culture and Image Analysis System

The Cell Growth and Discovery (CGD) WorkCell is a fully enclosed, environmentally controlled, automated solution designed for high capacity cell growth, supply, and in-line image analysis. Combining state-of-the-art software with sophisticated robotics, the CGD WorkCell can simultaneously handle multiple plate and flask formats and perform cell maintenance, colony selection, and RNA interference studies. The system can improve the quantity and quality of characterized cells, eliminating human error and improving data consistency. Designed for the growth and analysis of multiple cell lines and cultures, this high-capacity system offers full level II high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) containment with strategic ports for easy user access while still protecting cells from contamination and users from hazardous aerosols and vapors. It can perform a variety of assays at the optimal point of cell growth and offers extensive process flexibility to meet the culture and experimental demands of varying cell types. The instrument can accommodate multiple container formats to provide cells suitable for a variety of research needs, from cloning and transfection studies to general cell line amplification.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

For information 828-365-1205

Drug Discovery Robotics

Integrated Industrial Robotics Solutions for high throughput pharmaceutical and biotech applications feature the Motoman HP3JC Robot providing the transportation foundation, SAMI Workstation EX Software providing features tailored to industrial applications, and a safety enclosure to protect operators and samples. The systems are individually tailored to the application by the Beckman Coulter Integrated Solutions Team, which customizes and optimizes the software along with placement of devices, labware, and transport tools. Powerful software facilitates assay design, providing ongoing checks and feedback to the developer and ensuring that the finished method is validated. The software integrates all devices, liquid handlers, actions, and plates for maximum throughput and efficient resource use. The Motoman robot arm has a successful track record in high-workload applications. The custom-tailored systems may incorporate Beckman Coulter liquid handlers, including the Biomek series, and readers such as the DTX Series Multimode Detectors and the new Paradigm Detection Platform.

Beckman Coulter

For information 714-993-8955

Automated Microarray Processing

The QuadChamber is for automated processing of four different microarrays simultaneously on one slide using the HS Pro automated hybridization station. The QuadChamber was developed for use with Agilent's new 4 × 44k 4-Plex Gene Expression as well as CGH Microarrays, which consist of four individual, whole-genome microarrays printed on a single glass slide. It is the first fully automated system that can independently handle four arrays on one slide with no cross-contamination between the arrays. The QuadChamber provides a sealed environment around each of the four arrays on Agilent's 4-Plex slides, with independent channels for wash buffers, independent agitation mechanisms, and independent drying.

Tecan Group

For information +41 44 922 81 11

Cell Attachment Studies

The ECIS 800 is an electric cell-substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) system that performs automated studies of cell attachment and spreading. The ECIS 800 provides a novel method for performing real-time cell monitoring, electroporation, and wounding. The system measures changes in impedance of a small electrode to AC current flow to observe changes in cell movement and confluence. The highly specialized eight-well slides make use of an array of gold film electrodes that connect to the ECIS 800 electronics, allowing multiple preparations to be studied in parallel.


For information 800-272-2775

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