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Science  25 Jan 2008:
Vol. 319, Issue 5862, pp. 497
DOI: 10.1126/science.319.5862.497

Stem Cell Characterization

The TF Chip Stem Cell Kit enables the user to profile the status of a stem cell culture by 12 specific transcription factors in one assay. Double-stranded DNA containing the transcription factor's specific binding sequence is spotted onto a coated glass surface. Mutated sequences serve as negative binding controls. The array is incubated with a nuclear protein extract, and transcription factor proteins are monitored with antibodies specific for their activated status. Detection can be done with Silverquant technology or with fluorescence. The kit enables the analysis of the status of a stem cell culture in just one experiment in a convenient and simple workflow. It can be used for human, mouse, or rat samples.


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Three-Dimensional Cell-Based Assay

The Extracel Sponge-96 is designed to make cell-based assays more in vivo-like because each well of a 96-well plate contains a biocompatible sponge for high-density, three-dimensional cell growth. The Extracel Sponge-96 provides a consistent platform that has a defined chemical composition and pore size that permits excellent nutrient delivery. It is suitable for use in many fields, including toxicology, drug development, tissue engineering, cancer research, and development and morphogenesis research.

Glycosan BioSystems

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Feed Strategy Optimization

The CHO (Chinese hamster ovary) CD EfficientFeed Kit for rapidly identifying the optimum feed regimen for any fed-batch CHO-based cell culture can improve productivity and help with developing bioreactor feed stocks. The CHO CD Efficient-Feed Kit comes with two feed supplements and a detailed manual to guide the user through decisions relating to chemical or physical compatibility, the right feeds to use in shake flasks and benchtop bioreactors, and when additional help from Invitrogen PD-Direct's expert bioprocess team might be appropriate. CHO CD Efficient Feed A and B promote either higher protein yields or cell growth kinetics, making maximum protein amounts and more cells for seeding bioreactors available in a shorter time.


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Polycarbonate Cell Culture Inserts

NUNC cell culture inserts, now available with polycarbonate membranes, are suitable for cell interaction and cultivation studies in areas such as tissue engineering, cocultivation, invasion, chemotaxis, and transport without the need for preparation with matrix coating. The new polycarbonate membranes are easily removed from the multiwell, multidish design and are suitable for sectioning for transmission electron microscopy when using a glass knife. The polycarbonate membranes' larger pore sizes are particularly helpful for invasion and chemotaxis studies. The inserts with polycarbonate membranes are available in four sizes, in either a 24-well, 12-well, or 6-well multidish configuration, with three different pore sizes: 0.4 μ, 3 μ, and 8 μ. The inserts are endotoxin free and surface treated for optimal cell attachment, and have been shown to support a wide range of cell lines in independent trials.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Cell Migration Assay

The Oris Cell Migration Assay—Collagen Coated offers the same level of reproducibility, sensitivity, and flexibility as the original Oris Cell Migration Assay. The collagen coating enables researchers to perform cell migration studies on cell lines that depend on an extracellular matrix for motility. Like the original assay, the new version permits kinetic and endpoint studies, multiple approaches to cell labeling, and morphological analysis of cells. It runs on readily available lab equipment and is available in a convenient, 96-well plate format. Cell migration is critical to a variety of bodily processes, including tumor cell metastasis, wound healing, new blood vessel development, and tissue regeneration.

Platypus Technologies

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