Repression of the Transcription Factor Th-POK by Runx Complexes in Cytotoxic T Cell Development

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Science  08 Feb 2008:
Vol. 319, Issue 5864, pp. 822-825
DOI: 10.1126/science.1151844

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Mouse CD4+CD8+ double-positive (DP) thymocytes differentiate into CD4+ helper-lineage cells upon expression of the transcription factor Th-POK but commit to the CD8+ cytotoxic lineage in its absence. We report the redirected differentiation of class I–restricted thymocytes into CD4+CD8 helper-like T cells upon loss of Runx transcription factor complexes. A Runx-binding sequence within the Th-POK locus acts as a transcriptional silencer that is essential for Th-POK repression and for development of CD8+ T cells. Thus, Th-POK expression and genetic programming for T helper cell development are actively inhibited by Runx-dependent silencer activity, allowing for cytotoxic T cell differentiation. Identification of the transcription factors network in CD4 and CD8 lineage choice provides insight into how distinct T cell subsets are developed for regulating the adaptive immune system.

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