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Science  15 Feb 2008:
Vol. 319, Issue 5865, pp. 969
DOI: 10.1126/science.319.5865.969

High Throughput Bioprocess Development

Tecan and Atoll have successfully integrated Atoll's MediaScout 96-well RoboColumn system with the Tecan Freedom EVO liquid handling workstation to allow fully automated bioprocess parameter screening and high throughput screening of chromatographic resins. The combination simplifies handling of a large number of samples and testing of chromatographic conditions during development of purification methods. MediaScout RoboColumns deliver the separation performance of regular ready-to-use liquid chromatography columns with very high reproducibility. These columns are offered with almost every adsorptive resin available and for multiple sample desalting applications with small pore gel permeation chromatography materials. The configurable Freedom EVO workstation provides precise and reliable liquid handling and accommodates a wide range of devices, including a plate stacker module and a robotic manipulator arm to transfer 96-well plates into a plate reader. Integrating the two technologies removes all manual steps for buffer preparation, sample injection, elution, and detection, allowing 96-well plates to be completely processed in just minutes.

Tecan Group

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Catalogue of Microplates & Microplate Equipment is a 60-page resource that introduces a wealth of versatile, high-performance new products, including Thermobond 2 (a new low-cost plate sealer), Microstream (an innovative plate and tube rack thawing system), and MiniSeal (an entry-level semiautomated thermal sealer developed for laboratories sealing small to medium batches of microplates). The catalog includes an expanded range of microplate seals and several new products extending Porvair Sciences' assay plate range into the ultraviolet range. The catalog is divided into five main sections: solid-phase extraction, life sciences, storage and collection, microplate equipment, and automation.

Porvair Sciences

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Chemistry Pumping Unit

The PC VARIO 3001 Chemistry Pumping Unit is a new generation of diaphragm pumping system for small- to medium-scale chemistry applications including evaporation, sample concentration, drying, and distillation. The unit combines the proven performance and reliability, even in tough operating conditions, of its predecessor (PC VARIO 2001) with a new highly intuitive vacuum controller. The new controller saves time through simplified operation resulting from easy-to-use jog wheel operation and clear text menus. Through proven low-vacuum chemistry pumping technology, the PC VARIO 3001 sets the standard for reliability, reproducibility, efficiency, and low operational noise in a compact benchtop unit. Providing vacuum down to 2 mbar and a pumping speed of up to 1.7 m3/hour, the unit delivers fast, continuously high evaporation rates, even with high-boiling-point solvents. The unit's automatic boiling point detection and anti-bumping technology mean that it is no longer necessary to constantly monitor the process.


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High-Capacity Evaporator

Genevac HT-12 Series II systems are designed to solve evaporation bottlenecks in high throughput and production laboratories. The systems offer options for integration into automated environments, for handling potentially explosive solvents, and for use with strong acids. Applications include fast lyophilization, combinatorial chemistry, parallel synthesis, compound purification, plate reformatting, and plate replication requiring high throughput evaporation. The unique design of the HT-12 multilayer rotor ensures efficient use of laboratory bench space. The HT-12 instruments incorporate the latest scroll pump technology and do not require any pumping fluid or lubricant to operate, which makes the system suitable for use in harsh chemistry environments. The system incorporates a wide range of sample formats. The stainless steel rotors incorporate 12 “sample swings” to accommodate sample holders for tubes, vials, microtiter plates, and custom sample formats.


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Electrophoresis Interference Removal

PAGE-Perfect removes all interfering agents from protein solutions, allowing the samples to be reproducibly resolved on polyacrylamide gels with higher band visibility, greater protein resolution, and no band distortion. It is a simple two-step method for concentrating, cleaning, and preparing protein solutions for loading on gels. The user simply treats the protein solution with the supplied reagents, resulting in the precipitation of the proteins and removal of interfering agents. It removes detergents, salts, chaotropes, and reducing agents.


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