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Science  21 Mar 2008:
Vol. 319, Issue 5870, pp. 1689
DOI: 10.1126/science.319.5870.1689

High Throughput Cellular Analysis

The Cell Lab Quanta SC MPL Flow Cytometer can be integrated into a cell culture system to provide data and cellular growth parameters for the evaluation of clone selection, cell expansion, and protein expression results. The Quanta SC MPL can be integrated online with other peripheral devices and a robotic arm that moves cell culture plates to the flow cytometer for analysis. Data from the analysis is automatically captured by the instrument's software for real-time and subsequent analysis and interpretation. The integration of this advanced flow cytometer provides an expanded range of measurements for high throughput, walkaway cell analyses, including cell count and viability, apoptosis, cell cycle, and cell surface marker. The Quanta SC features three-color fluorescence, side scatter, electronic volume, and absolute count measurements along with easy-to-use software, automated color compensation, and multiple excitation wavelengths, including ultraviolet. It can analyze a sample in as little as 30 seconds.

Beckman Coulter

For information 714-993-8955

Waterborne Contamination Prevention

The AquaTec water preservation cell is for prevention of waterborne contamination in carbon dioxide incubators and water baths. The AquaTec provides up to six months of protection from more than 600 types of bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi without the use of harsh chemicals. It is designed for all types of laboratory water and is suitable for use in equipment from any manufacturer across a broad range of biological research temperature environments. One three-inch AquaTec cell placed into the water reservoir provides long-lasting disinfection without the need for mixing or measuring potentially hazardous materials. Self-regulation maintains the correct level of anti-microbial concentration regardless of water level, negating the need for constant monitoring and testing. The AquaTec has optional suction cups for fixation in the water bath or incubator reservoir.


For information 828-365-1205

PCR Competent Cells

The ExCyto PCR (polymerase chain reaction) Competent Cells express a thermostable DNA polymerase, offering a reliable, fast, and inexpensive way to screen transformed colonies. The user simply transforms ExCyto PCR Cells using any E. coli vector, plates and incubates overnight, picks colonies, adds them to the provided reaction mix with primers, and cycles. ExCyto PCR eliminates minipreps and the need for a purified, exogenous DNA polymerase for single-colony PCR. Amplification is robust even with single-copy vectors. Amplicons up to 5 kb can be directly sequenced without purification.


For information 608-831-9011

Nucleic Acid Purification Automation

The epMotion is an automated liquid handling system with ready-to-go methods for automated nucleic acid purification. The epMotion Plug'n'Prep technology offers pretested methods for walkaway DNA and RNA purification using a choice of more than 25 different protocols. The instrument gives researchers freedom to choose any purification technology: Invitrogen, Promega, Macherey-Nagel, Invitek, and 5 Prime have all developed epMotion methods. New users can simply select their preferred brand and type of extraction kit, download the method from, and transfer the method data file to the epMotion. No further adaptation is needed, and setup time is less than an hour. A wide range of applications is available, including genomic DNA extraction from blood, tissue cultured cells, and bacteria; isolation of total RNA, viral DNA, and RNA; plasmid purification; and polymerase chain reaction cleanup.


For information +49 40 538 01 640

Thermocycler Workstation

The BLM-TC Planar Lipid Bilayer Thermocycler Workstation is a Peltier-driven platform that provides tight and reproducible temperature control to facilitate the measurement of single-channel events at temperatures between 5° and 50°C. This device heats and cools at an average rate of 3°C per minute and can maintain a temperature to within 0.2°C of the set temperature.

Warner Instruments

For information 800-599-4203

Thermostable Polymerase

The PyroPhage 3173 DNA Polymerase is cloned from thermophilic phage infecting boiling hot springs thermophiles. It is available as the Wild Type enzyme and as an Exonuclease Minus mutant. It is more effective than polymerase chain reaction (PCR) enzymes in amplifying certain templates. Its efficient reverse transcription activity enables single-tube, single-enzyme reverse-transcription PCR, and potent strand-displacing activity allows for isothermal DNA synthesis through double-stranded DNA. The enzyme initiates efficiently at nicks; therefore, DNA synthesis can be initiated either with primers or at a nick introduced by site-specific nicking enzymes.


For information 608-831-9011

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