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Science  04 Apr 2008:
Vol. 320, Issue 5872, pp. 120
DOI: 10.1126/science.320.5872.120

Screening Platform Enhancements

Four enhancements to the High Content Screening (HCS) Platform include HCSExplorer informatics software, new functionality for its image analysis software, expanded capability of the HCS Analysis Platform, and a brightfield module that adds white light imaging to its fluorescent imaging capabilities. The HCSExplorer software makes use of web-based technology to enable rapid and easy enterprisewide data access and analysis. It provides powerful analytical, data visualization, and image comparison tools that can be used with any data store. The Bioapplications image analysis algorithms allow scientists to easily make complex measurements. The new version can measure larger image sizes and more objects within any given field. Version 6.1 of the HCS Analysis Platform provides new image display features and can analyze data from a wide range of third-party microscopes and HCS readers. The Brightfield module, by combining the use of white light with the existing fluorescent channels, enables users to broaden their assay capabilities, which is particularly important for toxicological live-cell assays and novel formats using stem cells, tissues, and whole organisms.


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Gene Expression and Function Studies

The EZ-Tn5 Transposomes are tools for gene expression and function studies in microorganisms. The user simply electroporates the EZ-Tn5 Transposome complex into a microorganism and screens for the transposon-encoded resistance marker. The EZ-Tn5 Transposome inserts in a highly random manner into bacterial chromosomes or endogenous plasmids. Uses of the tool include development of new bacterial strains, location of specific genetic markers on chromosomes and plasmids, and creation of gene knockouts.

Epicentre Biotechnologies

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Improved Amplification of Difficult Samples

PCRboost is a reagent that enhances polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and reverse transcription (RT) PCR performance by five times or more by improving sensitivity and specificity during amplification of genomic DNA or RNA templates. PCRboost makes it easy for scientists to amplify templates that are traditionally difficult to amplify and present in limited quantities. At the same time, the number of cycles and amount of polymerase used are reduced, resulting in time and cost savings. The reagent enhances the yield, specificity, and consistency of the final product in difficult samples. It requires no changes to existing PCR and RT-PCR protocols—users simply replace the water in the reaction with PCRboost.


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Automated Capillary Electrophoresis

The QIAxcel system makes analysis of DNA fragments, such as single and multiplex polymerase chain reaction products, and qualitative and quantitative RNA analysis easier and faster than ever. The QIAxcel system automates sensitive, high-resolution capillary electrophoresis of up to 96 samples per run. The system provides: safety and convenience with ready-to-use gel cartridges; analysis of up to 96 samples without manual intervention; robust results for nucleic acid concentrations as low as 0.1 ng/μl; confident data interpretation with resolution down to 3 bp to 5 bp; and standardized processing with digital data collection and documentation.


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Plasmid Mapping Software

The beta release of an enhanced version of the DNA plasmid mapping software, Gene Construction Kit 3.0, is available for download at Textco's website. The new version includes new modules for polymerase chain reaction analysis, automated shotgun cloning, and integrated web searching for performing biologically related searches across multiple internet data repositories. Compatible with Mac OS 10.2 and higher, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, the new release integrates numerous enhancements and user-requested upgrades into a powerful tool.

Textco BioSoftware

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Fluorescent Dye

Amersham HyPer5 fluorescent dye for gene expression and array-based comparative genomic hybridization applications delivers reproducible results, regardless of environmental conditions and number of scans. Amersham HyPer5 fluorescent dyes are photostable and ozone stable. The ozone stability makes the dye consistent year round, even in warmer months when ozone levels rise. The dyes are available as the NHS active ester for coupling to aminoallyl modified complementary DNA or amplified RNA in postlabeling experiments, or as the dCTP analog for spiking the dye-nucleotide in direct enzymatic incorporation and probe-labeling reactions. The dye allows a direct comparison with Cy3 signal levels in expression analysis from both direct and postlabeling experiments.

GE Healthcare

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