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Science  18 Apr 2008:
Vol. 320, Issue 5874, pp. 389
DOI: 10.1126/science.320.5874.389

Vibration-Isolation Workstations

Sturdy, versatile, and ergonomic, this line of vibration-isolation workstations features automatic leveling and low natural frequencies for excellent vertical and horizontal isolation efficiencies. The workstations can be configured for a wide variety of applications in which external vibrations could adversely affect the operation of sensitive equipment. The Standard High-Performance Workstation is the choice for most applications. A Heavy/Moving-Load Workstation is available to isolate loads of up to 2,800 pounds, including equipment with high centers of gravity. The Personal Workstation is an economical solution for small labs and other tight spaces. A Variable-Height Workstation allows the user to raise or lower the tabletop to accommodate the height of the user. The Cleanroom Workstation is designed for use in Class 1 and Class 10 cleanrooms. The MK26 Workstation makes use of the Minus K stiff spring and negative-stiffness mechanism to achieve low net vertical stiffness, ultralow natural frequencies, and high internal structural frequencies without affecting the static load supporting capability.

Kinetic Systems

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Supercontinuum Confocal Microscope

The Leica TCS SP5 X confocal microscope with supercontinuum laser provides freedom and flexibility that were unattainable until now in fluorescence microscopy. The supercontinuum laser allows the researcher to choose any excitation line within the continuous range of 470 nm to 670 nm. The Leica TCS SP5 X can precisely adapt to any fluorescent dye. Adjustment of the excitation line to the sample in 1 nm increments reduces cross-excitation and minimizes sample damage. The system allows multicolor excitation with up to eight excitation lines simultaneously. The patented Spectral Detection Technology provides the flexibility to choose any detection area in up to five spectral confocal photomultiplier tube channels. The system includes the acousto-optical beamsplitter, a Leica invention that provides high sensitivity and better transmission than any other dichroic mirror.


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Piezo Stage System

The NZ500CE NanoScanZ Piezo 500 micron stage system is an innovation in microscope automation designed for researchers using deconvolution and three-dimensional imaging techniques. The NanoScanZ Piezo 500 offers five-nanometer repeatability and closed-loop control with a subangstrom resolution piezo resistive sensor. The stage provides piezo speed with a sample holder area large enough for well plates in addition to standard slides and petri dishes. The 500-micron movement enables the NZ500CE to focus over an entire well plate without having to adjust the microscope focus mechanism. The stage complements the speed of the newest digital cameras and accomplishes in milliseconds what would take seconds for conventional rotary focus drives. By moving the sample instead of the objective, the NanoScanZ offers advantages over objective-based piezo systems, including faster movement and settling and the flexibility to create Z stacks with multiple objectives.

Prior Scientific

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PFilter Set Tailored to Nanocrystals

Invitrogen's Molecular Probes Qdot 625 nanocrystal fluorescent label is matched to work with the Brightline fluorescence filter set from Semrock. This new label-filter combination allows the ultimate in brilliant imaging or quantitation by combining Invitrogen's stable and technically advanced Qdot nanocrystal fluorescence labeling technology with Semrock's matched “no burn out” high performance fluorescence filters. Qdot fluorescence labeling products' imaging performance comes from their robust nanocrystal structure combined with a customizable surface. As one example of their wide range of applications, the Qdot 625 streptavidin conjugate fills an important spectral gap for dense multicolor imaging experiments and exhibits greater brightness than the longer-wavelength Qdot nanocrystals. Coupled with Semrock's high-brightness matched fluorescence filter set, these products are suitable for demanding experiments such as live-cell, single-molecule dynamic imaging. The Qdot labels are not only bright, but usable in applications that require long-term photostability.

Semrock and Invitrogen

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Multispectral Imaging System FX

The Kodak In-Vivo Multispectral Imaging System FX is a new digital system for fluorescent molecular imaging that enables life science researchers to study molecular abnormalities that are the origin of disease at a very early stage. The system is designed to precisely locate and monitor changes in the molecular activity of specific cells or organs long before morphological changes can be detected, expediting the development of effective therapeutics for disease treatment. The system's unique multispectral tuning of excitation light greatly enhances image sensitivity, allowing for the identification and separation of multiple optical biological marker signals in subjects such as small animals, while removing background noise. The system's sophisticated software automatically generates and analyzes a series of images taken at different wavelengths with spatially coregistered X-ray and white light images for improved localization of biomarkers in vivo. The system's multimodal capabilities include bioluminescence and radioisotopic signal detection.

Carestream Health

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