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Science  25 Apr 2008:
Vol. 320, Issue 5875, pp. 551
DOI: 10.1126/science.320.5875.551

Dynamic Light-Scattering System

The DynaPro is an automated, noninvasive, dynamic light-scattering system for biomolecular characterization. The DynaPro Titan Plate Reader incorporates patented technology to deliver superior light-scattering performance as well as integrated data collection and analysis software designed for stable and accurate protein batch analysis. The reader can perform fast and accurate sample analysis in a wide range of applications, including researching antibody formulations in a variety of solution conditions, screening proteins prior to crystallization trials, and bioprocessing and quality control of viral particles in vaccines. Because the DynaPro does not suck samples from the well plate into the sample cell where measurements are taken, it does not perturb the sample. Devices that rely on this sucking process can damage the sample, leading to inaccurate measurements, longer sample times, and potential sample contamination. The DynaPro's noninvasive technology measures the sample automatically in industry-standard microplates. Once the data have been collected, the protein samples can be retrieved and the plates discarded, with no cleaning required.

Wyatt Technology

For information + 44 1477 539539

Laser Scanning Microscopy Software

The ZEN 2007 is an integrated suite of digital imaging software that reduces the complexity of the interface without diminishing the range and scope of the functions. ZEN does this by switching between Basic and Professional mode in response to user input, allowing users to focus their full attention on the specimen. The ZEN user interface is clearly structured and flexible, allowing it to be individually tailored to each experiment and user. It is organized into three zones that follow the typical workflow of experiments. Image acquisition and microscope control tools are on the left. The central worktable for image viewing takes up the majority of the screen, and file management tools sit on the right. The left toolbar automatically adapts to each user's personal requirements and can be decoupled and freely positioned on the screen if required. ZEN's center pane is optimized for displaying and interacting with the acquired image data. The tools are clearly arranged under the image and activate and deactivate as necessary. In Expose mode, images from up to three image containers can be opened simultaneously to allow comparison.


For information +44 (0) 845 226 3036

Optical Filters

New Edge Filters feature both Long Pass and Short Pass optical filters. The Short Pass filters every 50 nm from 450 nm to 1,000 nm. The Long Pass filters every 50 nm from 500 nm to 1,500 nm. The filters are ring-mounted and scribed and sealed for moisture protection. They can be used in combination for custom filtering. They also provide fine-tuned cut-on and cut-off wavelengths by changing the angle of incidence.


For information 978-772-1700

Versatile Dry Baths

The EchoTherm SC20XT and SC25XT models are shaking, heating, and chilling dry baths. The SC20XT is a simple digital unit, while the SC25XT is fully programmable, with a five-program memory. Both have a temperature range from −20°C to 100°C and incorporate a variable speed orbital shaker for mixing and controlling the temperature of samples simultaneously. Both units accommodate accessory sample blocks for 0.2-ml, 0.5-ml, 1.5-ml, 15-ml, and 50-ml centrifuge tubes. Also available are blocks for 2-ml vials, 20-ml scintillation vials, polymerase chain reaction tubes and plates, 96-well and 384-well assay plates of all shapes, deep-well assay plates, and various sizes of test tubes. The units are Peltier-driven, with control to 1°C and shaking range from 200 rpm to 1,000 rpm. These instruments can be used to run temperature/time profiles, unattended restriction digestions and ligations, and automatic enzyme reactions and deactivations; for storing DNA libraries at the workstation; and more.

Torrey Pines Scientific

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Tyrosine Kinases with BioForm Technology

The coupling of Millipore Tyrosine Kinases with BioForm technology provides a more biologically relevant environment for cell signaling research and discovery efforts. Conventional analysis of membrane protein signaling involves studying a single protein interacting with a single partner. Such analysis loses rich, two-dimensional information afforded by organization of proteins on the membrane surface. BioForm Technology enables the unique assembly of histidine-tagged proteins in an environment that mimics the one created by a cell membrane. This template restores the organizing features of the membrane without the difficulties of membrane preparation and reconstruction procedures. The technology is adaptable to high-throughput assay format and is applicable to many signaling systems. These Tyrosine Kinases can be used in many stages of drug discovery research, including early stage drug screening, signal transduction, and regulation of enzymatic activity.


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