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Science  09 May 2008:
Vol. 320, Issue 5877, pp. 815
DOI: 10.1126/science.320.5877.815

High Throughput Transfection System

CellaxessHT is an automated, high throughput transfection system that enables reagent-free delivery of small interfering RNA and complementary DNA to a wide range of biologically relevant cell types with excellent transfection efficiencies and viabilities. The system features a patented capillary electrode array technology for transfection of cells cultured in 384-well plates and offers a capacity of up to 50,000 wells per day.


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RNA Stabilizer

RNAstable is for preserving RNA at room temperature, which eliminates the need for cold storage and refrigerated shipping. RNA samples are difficult to work with given their labile nature and tendency to degrade even in cold storage. Exposure to slightly elevated temperatures for even a short time can compromise RNA integrity. RNAstable makes use of technology that forms a thermostable barrier, securely “shrink wrapping” RNA samples to protect them from degradation. To store RNA, researchers simply pipette samples directly into a tube or well of RNAstable and let them dry. Sample recovery requires only adding water, with no further purification required. RNAstable preserves RNA at room temperature for up to five months and is better at preventing degradation than freezer storage. The preserved samples can be used in applications such as bioanalyzer and microarray analysis, end-point polymerase chain reaction, gel analysis, reverse transcription, and more without inhibition or interference.


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Profiling Array

The T7-oligonucleotide ligation assay-based microRNA (miRNA) profiling array allows the user to access miRNA expression cost effectively. Expression of multiple miRNAs can be determined simultaneously in a single, simple assay that does not require preisolation of small RNA. The analysis has the power to differentiate miRNA isoforms with a single nucleotide difference and to differentiate all miRNA isoforms. Captured miRNAs are subjected to T7 amplification without introduction of bias in polymerase chain reaction. Total RNA can be used in the assay directly, without preisolation of miRNA.


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Capillary-Mimicking Platform

The VenaFlux Platform is a semiautomated, high throughput, microfluidic cell-based assay system. It measures cell adhesion to antibody-coated or endothelial-cell cultured microchannels, producing curves under shear stress conditions that mimic physiological flows. The VenaFlux is simple to use, reduces costly layers of animal model studies, and delivers specific, accurate, and reproducible results. Scientists can use the VenaFlux to rapidly obtain quantitative analyses and results for potential drug candidates in cardiovascular, respiratory, immunological, autoimmune, and oncological diseases. These analyses can reduce drug development costs by accelerating false-lead elimination. The VenaFlux replicates cell behavior in human capillaries, which is an expanding area of research. The technology provides researchers with a single platform for executing dynamic studies to analyze the effects of drugs on cell adhesion, proliferation, and transmigration under well-defined shear stress protocols that replicate physiological conditions.


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RNAi Duplexes

PlateSelect RNA interference (RNAi) duplexes offer the ability to customize 96-well plates with Invitrogen's chemically modified Stealth or standard BLOCK-iT RNAi duplexes. Users develop their customized plates through an intuitive web interface, and they can order from one to 96 different duplexes in a single plate. The RNAi duplexes are synthesized on demand to take advantage of the most up-to-date bioinformatics and are provided at 1 nmol/well in the well orientation that the customer chooses. The duplexes arrive in ready-to-transfect format and are synthesized based on algorithms designed to reduce the chances of off-target effects.


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RNA Purification Kit

The MasterPure RNA Purification Kit offers increased yields of total RNA, compared with methods such as spin-column kits. Starting with tissue, eukaryotic cells, or bacterial culture, the gentle salt precipitation preserves microRNAs and other small RNAs that would be lost with a spin-column kit. Up to 25 μg of RNA can be obtained from 5 mg of mouse liver.

Epicentre Biotechnologies

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