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Science  23 May 2008:
Vol. 320, Issue 5879, pp. 1096
DOI: 10.1126/science.320.5879.1096

Fluorescent Dye Imaging

The RGB Lighting Module for the G:BOX chemiluminesence imaging and documentation systems is designed to provide the flexibility to quickly image gels or blots stained with commercially available fluorescent and visible dyes. The module has 84 high-intensity LEDs providing red, blue, green, and white light. Additional slots in the module also allow the fitting of ultraviolet tubes emitting light of 365 nm or 254 nm. The module, which can be fitted to the complete range of G:BOX chemiluminescence systems, is fully computer-controlled, as is the filter wheel.


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Multimode Microplate Reader

The Infinite M1000 offers flexibility, sensitivity, and speed for a wide range of detection modes, and has been optimized for time-resolved fluorescence energy transfer assays as well as glow luminescence, fast luminescence, and dual-color luminescence assays. The Infinite M1000 provides the sensitivity and speed typically associated with filter-based systems. The platform can be upgraded with new detection modes. The system provides high-quality performance for a broad spectrum of applications, including the latest biomolecular assays for primary and secondary screening, receptor-ligand binding studies, cell-based assays, and ultraviolet fluorometry-based applications. The Infinite M1000 has an optional state-of-the-art injector module for up to two injectors, and can be combined with a stacker module or fully integrated with the Freedom Evo series of automated liquid-handling workstations.


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Silica-Like Beads

Two new kits, Dynabeads Silane viral NA and Dynabeads Silane genomic DNA kits support isolation of low titers of viral RNA and DNA and pure genomic DNA of high integrity, respectively. Dynabeads provide highly predictable and reproducible isolation of total nucleic acids from biological samples. These validated magnetic beads can be used for both high-sensitivity in vitro diagnostic assays and high-capacity applications. They are uniform in size range distribution, surface area, and binding capacity to provide consistent assay reproducibility and results.


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Fast Raman Imaging

SWIFT and DuoScan are two new fast Raman scanning technologies. SWIFT (scanning with incredibly fast times) enables measurement times so fast that a 50,000 spectrum image can be obtained in six minutes. It can be used with a choice of detectors and makes use of either standard motorized mapping stages or piezo stages for use when very small step sizes are required. DuoScan introduces a method in which scanning hardware enables the image pixel size to be chosen to match features of interest, enabling opti-mized mapping speeds. Unlike many Raman imaging methods, the DuoScan retains the full confocal advantage of the Raman technique without restrictions on laser wavelength. Combining SWIFT and DuoScan can result in unprecedentedly fast mapping of large samples.

Horiba Jobin Yvon

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Sequence Analysis Software

A new suite of “Next Generation” software for sequencing systems features single nucleotide polymorphism mutation analysis and expression, target sequence, and de novo assembly modules for data generated by the Illumina Genome Analyzer (Solexa), 454 Genome Sequence FLX, and Applied Biosystems SOLiD sequencing systems. The programs are designed to deliver rapid assembly and accurate analysis of the vast amounts of information generated by these instruments.


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Endothelial Cell Invasion Kit

The Cultrex Endothelial Cell Invasion Kit for measuring early angiogenesis in vitro is designed to accelerate the screening process for compounds that influence vascular endothelial cell invasion and migration across the basement membrane. The kit offers a flexible, standardized, high-throughput format for quantitating the degree to which endothelial cells penetrate a barrier of basement membrane extract, in vitro, in response to chemoattractants or inhibiting. The assay features a simplified Boyden chamber-like design with a basement membrane-coated 8-micron polyethylene terephthalate membrane.


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DNA from Blood

The versatile UltraClean Blood DNA Isolation Kit can isolate DNA from whole blood in samples ranging from 300 microliters to 1 liter. The kit is based on a unique way of separating lymphocytes and lysing them to recover pure genomic DNA. The DNA is ready for applications such as polymerase chain reaction, restriction digest, and microarrays. This kit can also be used on other body fluids such as semen, saliva, buccal cells, and bone marrow.

Mo Bio Laboratories

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