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Science  06 Jun 2008:
Vol. 320, Issue 5881, pp. 1366
DOI: 10.1126/science.320.5881.1366

Stem Cell Culture

Thermo Scientific Dharmacon Accell siRNA is a novel form of short-interfering RNA (siRNA) that is absorbed directly by cells without the use of conventional delivery methods such as transfection reagents, viruses, or electroporation. It effectively silences genes in all cell types tested to date. Previous technologies for delivering siRNA into difficult cell types, such as primary cells, suspension cells, stem cells, and neurons, were often ineffective and resulted in high levels of cell death. Dharmacon Accell siRNA has been able to penetrate every cell type tested, without the need for delivery reagents that can skew experimental results. The siRNA is simply mixed with the optimized Accell delivery medium then added to cultured cells. The easy, two-step process avoids the experimental variability caused by toxicity and off-target effects of conventional siRNA delivery methods.

Thermo Fisher

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Automated Stem Cell Culture

Velocity11 has released a data sheet that describes a high throughput, automated stem cell culture and screening system using its Filtered Plus Biocel platform. The automated platform was developed to use stem cells as the basis of high throughput assays and drug discovery programs to increase throughput and find more promising lead compounds. The system maintains a temperature of 37°C inside the Biocel, with air filtered to a class 100 specification, creating an optimized environment for plate-based cell maintenance and cell-based assays. With a novel method for controlling air velocity and ultralow penetration air filters, the system achieves increased turnover in filtered air, reducing the number of foreign particles and cell contamination. The automated procedure involves seeding plates from a bulk culture, adding compounds to cell plates, and transferring supernatant or cell lysate to an assay plate.


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Synthetic miRNA Mimics and Inhibitors

New synthetic microRNAs (miRNAs) from Qiagen, including the miScript miRNA Mimics and the miScript miRNA Inhibitors, are ready-to-transfect to carry out gene regulation and cellular pathway analysis for applications from in vitro to animal models. These molecules are based on all known human, mouse, and rat miRNAs in the latest version of miRBase, the Sanger Institute's database for miRNA. These mimics and inhibitors are available in flexible formats, from single tubes to 96-well or 384-well plates. They are available in scales of 1 nmol and 5 nmol for in vitro use and 20 nmol for animal studies.


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RNAi Vectors

Two new vectors are available from Invitrogen for RNA interference (RNAi) research. The Block-iT HiPerform Lentiviral PolII miR RNAi Expression System with Emerald Green Fluorescent Protein offers the ability to deliver to nondividing, primary, and hard-to-transfect cells with lentiviral technology coupled to multisite technology for promoter flexibility, making it suitable for difficult applications, including in vivo RNAi. It contains a messenger RNA stabilizing sequence and a nuclear import sequence that generate up to five-fold higher virus titers and fluorescent protein expression than previous versions. The Block-iT Inducible PolII miR RNAi Expression System makes use of a tetracycline-inducible promoter that allows researchers to knock down even genes that are essential to the function of a cell.


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Media Preparation System

The Mediajet vario is a versatile petri dish filler that can be used to fill 35 mm, 55/60 mm, and 90/100 mm dishes. With a compact footprint of only 70 cm by 70 cm, it fits conveniently on the laboratory bench and can fill 900 petri dishes per hour. It features walk-away automation with novel feed-in and stack-out technology. When working with 35-mm petri dishes, it can perform automated production of thousands of agar plates on which to cultivate the nematode C. elegans. This nematode is a popular geneticists' tool because the simplicity, transparency, and speed of its biological functions facilitate studying genes and their functions.

Integra Biosciences

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