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Science  20 Jun 2008:
Vol. 320, Issue 5883, pp. 1659
DOI: 10.1126/science.320.5883.1659


The twin.tec real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) plates offer researchers the ability to significantly improve real-time PCR data. The plates feature titanium oxide, which gives the reaction chambers a bright white, opaque color. This material results in up to a 10-fold increase in reflection of fluorescence, providing better data for applications such as low-volume quantitative PCR. White wells also significantly reduce interfering background fluorescence and lead to increased homogeneity of replicates and reproducible results.

Eppendorf North America

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Cell-Based Assays

The xCELLigence system provides dynamic, real-time cell-based assays without the use of labels. The assays provide valuable data that traditional end-point analysis can't, leading to faster assay development and improved attrition rates. The assays offer several throughput options, from 16 to 576 (6 × 96) wells run simultaneously.

Roche Applied Science

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Whole Genome Amplification

The BioHelix Rapisome primase-based Whole Genome Amplification (pWGA) system makes use of a primase to synthesize primers onsite, generating multiple initiation sites for random, whole genome amplification. Unlike conventional WGA products, the Rapisome pWGA Kit takes advantage of a natural cellular system to deliver faster, isothermal DNA amplification without the need for heat denaturation and synthetic primers. The kit's advantages include a one-step process, high efficiency in amplifying circular DNA, and speed—the reaction can be completed in an hour.


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Cells for Cloning

The Clean Genome E. coli and competent cells are suitable for most cloning applications. They offer superior genomic stability because of the removal of all mobile insertion-sequence elements. The Clean Genome E. coli is the only insertion-sequence—free E. coli strain available. The absence of mobile elements eliminates the danger of undesirable insertion-sequence transposition into your clone and reduces the mutation rate of the strain itself. The competent cells increase success in cloning difficult or “unclonable” genes by eliminating cloning artifacts due to insertion-sequence transposition and minimizing plasmid rearrangement.

Scarab Genomics

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Portable Gel Documentation System

The CSL MicroDoc is an ultracompact, portable gel documentation system that incorporates an eight-inch screen and a 1-GB flash card. The system produces high-quality images because of its integral 16-bit charge-coupled-device camera, which provides resolution to 8.0 megapixels. The system can be used either completely independent of a computer or connected to and controlled by a computer via a USB connection. Images can be captured from agarose or other fluorescent gels, colorimetric gels, autoradiography film, and blotting membranes. The system includes a 55-mm ethidium bromide filter with a built-in safety switch so the ultraviolet transilluminator is turned off when the door is open. Files can be saved in a variety of formats.

Cleaver Scientific, Ltd.

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Angiogenesis Assays

The most established tests used to analyze new blood vessel formation in vitro are the “tube formation” and the “sprouting” assays. In both, the formation of new blood vessels is simulated on a gel matrix. The μ-Slide Angiogenesis is a new carrier for angiogenesis assays with a “well-in-a-well” structure that dras-tically reduces the amount of matrix material needed and solves the classic meniscus problems. The miniaturized system of the inner well requires only 10-μl of matrix. The unique geometry of the slide places the cells that need to be imaged in the same focal plane, which strongly improves the imaging quality of the assays.

Integrated BioDiagnostics (ibidi)

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Virus Purification Kits

New Fast-Trap Virus Purification and Concentration Kits include one for adenovirus purification and one for lentivirus purification. Purifying viruses after propagation in host cells is a critical step toward using the viruses as vectors for genetic modification of target cells. The kit contains all the components to accommodate the entire virus purification workflow. The Fast-Trap kits provide more reliable, faster results than traditional methods because they incorporate Millipore's Steriflip filter unit, an easy-to-use format featuring a new anion exchange membrane that binds and elutes viruses. The vacuum-based, closed-system purification kits are quick, easy, and safe to operate with a turnaround time of less than two hours, compared with two days with traditional purification techniques.


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