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Science  04 Jul 2008:
Vol. 321, Issue 5885, pp. 144
DOI: 10.1126/science.321.5885.144

Spinner Flask

The MatriMix Spinner Flask is a patent-pending, disposable one-liter flask molded from virgin polycarbonate. The automation-friendly flask is fitted with a central magnetic stir paddle that maximizes nutrient flow. A unique teardrop shape breaks up laminar flow and allows for uninterrupted aspiration while spinning. It reduces the risk of cross-contamination by eliminating the multiple wash steps between culture transfers.


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Protein Biomarker Verification Platform

MASSterclass is a sensitive protein biomarker verification tool that addresses a key bottleneck in biomarker development by enabling large-scale screening of biomarker candidates without the requirement to raise antibodies. The system improves antibody-free protein assays by quantitating in the low nanogram per milliliter concentration range in blood plasma, thereby enabling efficient and reliable measurement of proteins specific to disease or drug response. The system incorporates a novel series of orthogonal complexity reduction steps combined with targeted tandem mass spectrometry to achieve required sensitivity levels while maintaining reproducibility. The system can screen large panels of biomarker candidates by multiplexing different analytes in the same assay. The new platform complements MASStermind, a biomarker discovery platform capable of generating a high quality hit list of low-abundance protein biomarkers in blood. The combined platforms represent an integrated approach that significantly increases the chances of taking a biomarker from discovery through to clinical implementation within a practical time frame.


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Cation and Anion Measurement

The Corona CAD universal detector provides a simple and reliable high performance liquid chromatography method for simultaneous measurement of cations and anions. Because cations and anions are key components of everything from pharmaceuticals to food and beverages to fine chemicals, analysis of these atoms and molecules is a critical step in product development and quality control. Measuring both in a single run is more efficient than traditional techniques using dedicated, single-purpose ion chromatography systems. The new method combines the CAD's universal detection with hydrophilic interaction chromatography.

ESA Biosciences

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IgG Assays

The Guava RapidQuant IgG Assays for quantitation of mouse and human antibodies are flexible and easy to use. The assays eliminate the most tedious portions of antibody titering methods. The bead-based assays rely on fluorescence detection, with fluorescent intensity proportional to the concentration of antibody captured on the beads. Standard curves are automatically produced by an easy-to-use software interface, removing the need for time-consuming calculations. The assays have been tested with human and mouse antibodies of all IgG subtypes and in many types of hybridoma media.

Guava Technologies

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Microwave Synthesizer

The Advancer Kilobatch large-scale automated sequential batch microwave synthesizer is designed for safe and scalable production of up to kilogram quantities of material. It is designed for reliable scale-up without requiring reoptimization, resulting in significant time savings. Unlike traditional microwave batch and flow reactors, the Advancer Kilobatch is capable of processing both heterogeneous and homogeneous reaction mixtures in automated batch-sequencing mode. Safe, reliable, and easy to use, it operates at the high temperatures and pressures required for microwave chemistry.


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TissueView Software

TissueView Software is designed to improve mass spectrometry (MS) imaging by making data processing more intuitive and delivering easier-to-interpret research results for deeper understanding of how drugs and proteins are distributed within biological tissue. The new software gives researchers a better way to process, visualize, and interpret information that can help pharmaceutical companies select the drug compounds to develop and help academic researchers learn about biological functions. The software rapidly displays the spatial location and intensity of compounds, both proteins and small molecules, in all tissue types. It offers a seamless link between optical images, mass spectral images, MS, and MS/MS spectra.

Applied Biosystems

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