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Science  11 Jul 2008:
Vol. 321, Issue 5886, pp. 267
DOI: 10.1126/science.321.5886.267a

Water Bath Medium

Designed to eliminate water bath contamination, Bath ArmorT is a dry, autoclavable, highly conductive medium for use in water baths that eliminates the need for routine water bath cleaning and refilling. Unlike water, Bath ArmorT does not evaporate, so baths can be left on continually without causing burnout. It reduces lab maintenance and protects instruments from water corrosion. While water baths are designed for incubation experiments, they are also perfect incubators for microbes that can ruin experiments. Bath ArmorT replaces the moist conditions that encourage microbe growth.

Lab Armor

For information 210-858-8415

Drug Discovery Workflow

The integration of Aria LX multiplexing technology with QuickQuan software enables users to increase the throughput of compounds processed in high throughput liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) assays by a factor of four. This instrument can streamline workflow in drug discovery by maximizing the productivity of a single MS detector. The unique Thermo Scientific multiplexing technology is an independent, parallel, multichannel system that brings the productivity of up to four separate LC systems to a single MS. The TSQ Quantum triple quadrupole mass spectrometer and an Aria LX-4 System can process as many samples as four stand-alone LC-MS/MS systems. For laboratories that perform high throughput screening, this integrated solution allows scientists to quickly assess thousands of new chemical entity samples in drug discovery research. QuickQuan software performs automated optimization of MS/MS parameters, enabling the rapid analysis of compounds.

Thermo Fisher

For information 800-532-4752

3D Cell Culture

Scientists often use extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins to closely mimic how tissues grow in vivo. Gibco Collagen I, Rat Tail is now available for three-dimensional cell culture needs. Collagen is the most widely used ECM for cell culture applications, and it facilitates cell attachment, growth, differentiation, migration, and tissue morphogenesis during development. Gibco Collagen I forms a clear, firm gel. Protocols are included for each application.


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Plate-Sealing Film

ThermaSeal A Sealing Films are an advanced version of classic ThermaSeal polypropylene films. ThermalSeal A films incorporate a stronger and thicker adhesive layer for more secure sealing of microplates in polymerase chain reaction and storage applications. Although shaped to fit within the rim of raised-rim plates for more reliable sealing of all wells, they can also be used for sealing standard microplates. Each film has two removable end tabs that aid in positioning the film to the plate. The recommended temperature range is −405°C to 125°C.

Excel Scientific

For information 760-246-4545

Epithelial Cell Cultures

A new range of primary human epithelial cells provides an enriched population of progenitor cells from skin, cornea, and bladder epithelia. The cell cultures are supplied as complete kits with specialized media for their propagation. The cells have applications for studying epithelial disease, regenerative medicine, cancers of these tissues, and basic biology of these tissues' epithelia. The cells display optimal modeling and morphology, plus extended longevity because they are isolated in culture media developed to mimic the stem cell environment.


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Laser Capture Microdissection System

The next-generation ArcturusXT Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) system features the Nikon Eclipse Ti-E inverted research microscope as its base. This modular system combines infrared laser-enabled LCM and ultraviolet laser cutting in a single system that offers improved speed, precision, and flexibility. The improvements are designed to add capabilities for researchers in many fields, including stem cell research, cancer research, and forensics. The system maintains biomolecular integrity of the microdissected samples for use in downstream analyses. The combination of LCM and ultraviolet laser cutting gives researchers the choice of using plain glass or membrane slides for sample preparation, and enables microdissection from thin or thick sections, frozen or formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues, hydrated or dehydrated samples, forensic smears, whole mount preparations, and more. The optional phase contrast and differential interference contrast make it possible to eliminate specimen staining, such as in live-cell applications.

MDS Analytical Technologies

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