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Science  18 Jul 2008:
Vol. 321, Issue 5887, pp. 423
DOI: 10.1126/science.321.5887.423a

Fast Sample Homogenization

The Omni Prep homogenizing station streamlines the sample preparation process and removes tedious, time-consuming manual steps. The six-station system offers high throughput and eliminates cross-contamination. It is completely flexible in terms of tube size, sample type, and volume. It includes timer control, variable speed, and variable vertical oscillation to minimize processing time and handle almost any sample type. Plastic probes, strong enough to be used from the softest sample to difficult-to-homogenize tissues, can be attached to the system along with the more traditional stainless steel tips. The plastic probes are designed for single use to eliminate sample contamination, but can be cleaned and reused if desired.


For information +44-01954-233100

Concentrators for Protein Prep

The Vivaspin sample concentrators for protein sample preparation offer fast and convenient concentration of biological samples with minimal membrane blocking, recoveries of greater than 95 percent, and no risk of drying out the sample. Vivaspin provides fast, nondenaturing concentration of up to 30 times for volumes from 100 μl to 20 ml. The instrument concentrates samples by membrane filtration to a single tube, with the molecular weight cutoff selected by the user. The sample is placed in the upper compartment of the tube, and centrifugation forces solvent through a semipermeable membrane into the lower compartment. This leaves a concentrated sample in the upper chamber.

GE Healthcare

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Label-Free Assay Accessory

A new automated liquid-handling accessory (LHA) integrates with the Corning Epic System for high throughput label-free assays. The Epic LHA includes a 384-well pipettor, a microplate stacker that can handle up to 20 lidded 384-well microplates and an automated tip wash station. The liquid-handling system is designed to maintain thermal stability to eliminate artifacts from temperature fluctuations. The Epic System is a high throughput label-free drug discovery system that features patented optical biosensor technology to perform biochemical and cell-based assays. The system is sensitive enough to measure the cell response from endogenous receptor expression on primary or nonengineered cell lines, along with protein/drug direct binding events in biochemical assays.


For information 978-442-2275

Safe Vacuum System

The Vacusafe system was developed for safe, easy, and rapid handling of hazardous liquids. The new generation Vacusafe is designed for aspiration, disposal, or filtration of biological and chemical liquids in a clean and professional way. All required functionality is integrated in a compact design that can be used at the push of a button. For aspiration and disposal applications, the Vacusafe can replace noisy, complicated “home made” systems or systems connected directly to the laboratory vacuum system that risk contamination of the entire vacuum system.

Integra Biosciences

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Multilabel Plate Reader

The Victor X Multilabel Plate Reader offers the flexibility to support new applications beyond primary screening, including quality control and therapeutic research. It includes an enhanced software package that features an improved “Start Wizard” for easier creation of new protocols, application-based example protocols for off-the-shelf use, and improved kinetics support for monitoring cellular and enzyme assays in real time. The Victor X units are also designed to be easy to upgrade with new accessories.


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50-μl Disposable Tip

A 50-μl size is a new addition to a line of conductive, disposable tips that include sizes of 10-μl, 200-μl, and 1,000-μl. The tips fit Tecan's automated liquid-handling workstations, enhancing performance and minimizing cross-contamination in a broad range of genomics, forensics, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) applications. The 50-μl tips are optimal for polymerase chain reaction set-up, DNA quantification and normalization, and small-volume applications such as ELISAs.


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Nanoliter Dispensing Tips

A new line of PocketTips enables nanoliter-volume dispensing on laboratory automated systems. An internally molded capillary pocket allows transfer of 50-nl to 500-nl molecular compounds suspended in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) directly to assay plates. This in-tip mixing saves time, reagents, and labware as well as improving data quality. PocketTips are made from high-quality polypropylene that eliminates adherence and maximizes the recovery of fluids. Through aspiration, the capillary pocket fills with the specified amount of compound solution and facilitates soft in-tip mixing of sample and assay material. By removing intermediate dilution steps, this innovative pipetting method makes it possible to perform assays more quickly, conserve valuable compounds, and prevent compound precipitation for more accurate and precise results. The tips are suitable for all secondary compound screening applications, such as selectivity assays, potency determinations, cell- and enzyme-based assays, and polymerase chain reaction primer dilutions.

Thermo Fisher

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