A Quantitative Link Between Recycling and Osmium Isotopes

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Science  25 Jul 2008:
Vol. 321, Issue 5888, pp. 536
DOI: 10.1126/science.1158452

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Recycled subducted ocean crust has been traced by elevated 187Os/188Os in some studies and by high nickel and low manganese contents in others. Here, we show that these tracers are linked for Quaternary lavas of Iceland, strengthening the recycling model. An estimate of the osmium isotopic composition of both the recycled crust and the mantle peridotite implies that Icelandic Quaternary lavas are derived in part from an ancient crustal component with model ages between 1.1 × 109 and 1.8 × 109 years and from a peridotitic end-member close to present-day oceanic mantle.

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