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Science  01 Aug 2008:
Vol. 321, Issue 5889, pp. 710
DOI: 10.1126/science.321.5889.710a

Protein Detection System

The new SNAP i.d. protein detection system allows researchers to produce high-quality protein immunoblots 80 percent faster than with conventional immunodetection protocols. By shortening the time required for blocking, washing, and antibody incubations to 30 minutes, the SNAP i.d. system allows researchers to optimize their immunodetection conditions for high-quality results. The system is compatible with all membrane types and detection methods, such as chemiluminescence and fluorescence. Both sensitivity and specificity are equivalent to or higher than standard immunodetection. The system features a unique, vacuum-driven technology and built-in flow distributor to actively drive reagents through the membrane, ensuring even distribution. Three different sizes of blot holders accommodate up to three blots each, and two blot holders can be run in parallel. Thus researchers can process up to six blots in parallel.


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Automated Hybridization Stations

The HS 4800 Pro and HS 400 Pro Hybridization Stations perform automated, reproducible microarray processing on single- and multisegment slides. The stations provide liquid agitation during hybridization, which increases sensitivity, stringency, and uniformity, and enables reduction of hybridization times. The stations minimize the risk of hybridization artifacts and interslide segment carry-over. They offer single-chamber, dual-chamber, and QuadChamber options that are easily interchangeable. A unique Active Bubble Suppression system avoids bubble artifacts. On-slide nitrogen drying avoids external drying steps and drying artifacts.


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Protein Interaction Analysis

The Biacore T100 protein characterization software version 2 for the Biacore T100 label-free protein interaction analysis system enables calibration-free concentration analysis of proteins. The software makes it possible to measure protein concentration without using a standard. It also includes key functionality for protein characterization that reduces time spent on development of kinetic analysis assays through the single-cycle kinetics function. Single-cycle kinetics enables the analysis of molecular interactions that have previously been difficult to determine. In addition, the software significantly improves data evaluation so that multiple samples can be analyzed together with a few clicks. Determination of the target-binding drug fraction is important during the development of therapeutic proteins and provides an informative characterization profile in quality control of biotherapeutics.

GE Healthcare

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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Activotec can supply high-quality, difficult-to-synthesize peptides at competitive prices. Synthetic peptides have a variety of uses, including structure-function analysis of sites within a protein, binding assays, receptor agonists/antagonists, and immunogens for the production of antisera. Using solid-phase and solution-phase chemistries as well as Fmoc and t-Boc methodologies, Activotec can produce peptides with difficult-to-synthesize sequences, cyclic peptides, hydrophobic peptides, very long-chain peptides, and nonnatural modifications. Using proprietary manual techniques and its own state-of-the-art automated synthesis equipment, Activotec can provide peptides in quantities ranging from milligrams to grams at all purity levels. Every peptide is delivered with individual mass spectroscopic and analytical high-performance liquid chromatography data.


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Nickel Magnetic Beads

A powerful separation matrix, PureProteome Nickel Magnetic Beads allow fast, easy purification of polyhistidine-tagged recombinant proteins, a critical step in protein research. Millipore's patented process for magnetizing porous silica particles provides researchers with high-binding-capacity, high-affinity beads for efficient protein purification. These beads bind recombinant protein even in the presence of EDTA, a metal ion chelator. Compared with other magnetic beads, these beads offer higher purity while yielding comparable amounts of protein, according to the manufacturer.


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Antibody Purification Products

Two new products, affinity matrices for the purification of IgA and IgM, have been added to the CaptureSelect Antibody Toolbox. CaptureSelect Human IgA matrix contains an affinity ligand that binds to a unique domain that is present on all classes of human IgA, with no cross-reactivity with IgM or IgG. The CaptureSelect IgM affinity matrix contains an affinity ligand that is directed toward a unique domain present on both human and mouse IgM antibodies and is free of cross-reactivity with human or mouse IgA or IgM. The products in the CaptureSelect Antibody Toolbox streamline purification of antibodies by offering standardized protocols that enable researchers to follow a simple one-step process with no need for method testing or lengthy optimization steps.

BAC BV, the BioAffinity Company

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