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Science  08 Aug 2008:
Vol. 321, Issue 5890, pp. 855
DOI: 10.1126/science.321.5890.855a

Automated XY Stage

The MS-9400 XY stage is designed to provide a high resolution, highly repeatable means of controlling the X and Y positions of the microscope stage. The unit offers a travel range of 225 mm by 100 mm to allow it to scan eight 25-mm by 75-mm slides. All axes derive their precise control through the use of closed-loop DC servometers employing high-resolution encoders for positioning feedback. The XY stage features crossed-roller slides, high-precision lead screws, and zero-backlash miniature-geared DC servometers to provide 100-nm resolution with repeatability accuracy of less than 700 nm rms (root mean square) using standard rotary encoders. Optional linear encoders can achieve resolutions of 50 nm and repeatability accuracies of less than 300 nm rms.

Applied Scientific Instrumentation

For information 541-461-8181

High Performance PCR

The High Performance PCR (polymerase chain reaction) system combines highly processive proofreading Phusion DNA Polymerases, high-speed Piko Thermal Cyclers, and ultrathin-walled tubes and plates. Compared with conventional PCR, the system provides faster protocols with accurate and specific amplification yet excellent yields. It offers superior accuracy compared with Taq- and Pfu-based systems and reduced levels of primer-dimers and false-primed products. The system saves protocol time, bench space, reaction volume, and per-run cost.


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Desalting Tubes

Clarity Desalting Tubes are for basic reverse-phase removal of salt and excess reagents from synthetic oligonucleotides. Delivering a purity level of about 70 percent with 80 percent target oligonucleotide recovery, the tubes offer a faster and more cost-effective solution than traditional gel filtration methods. For higher throughput, the tubes can be multiplexed using a vacuum manifold.


For information 310-212-0555

Liquid Flow Management

The VROCT (“Viscometer/Rheometer-on-a-Chip” technology) enables microliter-size samples to be used for high resolution, accurate, and repeatable viscosity measurement. The small chip geometry extends viscosity measurements beyond conventional limits into the realm of very high shear rates, at the conditions occurring in actual applications.


For information 925-866-3802

Freezer Labeling System

The Brady Freezerbondz labeling system ensures secure labeling in low temperature storage conditions. Freezerbondz II is a polyester material with a permanent adhesive that can be applied directly to already frozen surfaces without the need to overlap, eliminating the risk attached to thawing samples for labeling. These labels remain secure even when samples are transferred from liquid nitrogen at −196°C to a water bath at 100°C or even to an autoclave. When printed with the correct Brady Thermal Transfer print system, these labels withstand solvents such as ethanol toluene, xylene, and DMSO. The labels are available for vials, slides, and well plates, and in custom sizes.

Brady Corp

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Laser Scanning Microscope

The LSM 710 Laser Scanning Microscope provides new possibilities in research conducted with living, multilabeled cells. With its sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio, flexibility for new fluorescent dyes and multimodal experiments as well as new multiphoton detectors for deeper optical penetration into biological structures, the system can give new impetus to all areas of biological research. The system also features unique precision and reproducibility and easy operation. It offers high-contrast, detailed images of even the most complex specimens, such as thick, living tissue samples. The new illumination and detection design provides freedom in the selection and simultaneous imaging of up to 10 fluorescent signals. The basis is a filter-free spectral detection unit, which can be continuously set over the entire wavelength range. Innovative analysis methods such as integrated image correlation spectroscopy make it possible to extract quantitative information about molecule concentrations and mobility directly from the confocal images recorded.

Carl Ziess

For information 800-233-2343

Protease Inhibitor Cocktail

ProteaseArrest is a general protease inhibitor cocktail that is provided as a 100X concentrated solution that inhibits more than 95 percent of protease activity, even in tissues known to have higher than normal protease activity. ProteaseArrest is suitable for the protection of proteins during preparation of samples and protein purification from animal tissues, plants, yeast, and bacteria. For added convenience, it is available in single-use aliquots capable of greater than 95 percent protease inhibition in 10-ml solutions. Other formats are available that require no dissolving or resuspension.


For information 314-991-6034

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