Tumor Regression in Cancer Patients by Very Low Doses of a T Cell–Engaging Antibody

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Science  15 Aug 2008:
Vol. 321, Issue 5891, pp. 974-977
DOI: 10.1126/science.1158545

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Previous attempts have shown the potential of T cells in immunotherapy of cancer. Here, we report on the clinical activity of a bispecific antibody construct called blinatumomab, which has the potential to engage all cytotoxic T cells in patients for lysis of cancer cells. Doses as low as 0.005 milligrams per square meter per day in non–Hodgkin's lymphoma patients led to an elimination of target cells in blood. Partial and complete tumor regressions were first observed at a dose level of 0.015 milligrams, and all seven patients treated at a dose level of 0.06 milligrams experienced a tumor regression. Blinatumomab also led to clearance of tumor cells from bone marrow and liver. T cell–engaging antibodies appear to have therapeutic potential for the treatment of malignant diseases.

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