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Science  22 Aug 2008:
Vol. 321, Issue 5892, pp. 1103
DOI: 10.1126/science.321.5892.1103a

Wash System

DNACON260/280 is a durable standard reference material that exhibits spectral characteristics similar to those of pure DNA for quick and reliable quality control of the DNA 260/280 nm measurement process. The material is designed to assure the wavelength accuracy in critical nucleic acid measurements. Suffering from none of the stability problems associated with DNA, it was created for use as a reliable National Institute of Standards and Technology traceable quality control standard by clinical and bioscience laboratories analyzing and evaluating the purity of a range of nucleic acids.

Starna Scientific

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Microplate Thermoshakers

The Jitterbug 2 and Jitterbug 4 Benchtop Microplate Thermoshakers are available in two-plate and four-plate models. The three-in-one instruments can be used as a microplate thermoshaker, as a shaker without incubating, and as an incubator without shaking. Variable speed and temperature controls can be programmed to meet precise sample processing requirements. A programmable timer displays elapsed time and automatically sounds an alarm when the process is complete and the unit turns off. The Jitterbug thermoshakers are compact with a low profile and small footprint. The shaking function features a soft start that reduces splashing and spillage. A low-voltage power supply enables safe operation in a cold room or incubator.

Boekel Scientific

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Compact Automated Workstation

The BenchCel R Platform is the heart of a fast and compact automation workstation that can handle applications ranging from simple microplate processing tasks to sophisticated applications such as polymerase chain reaction preparation that previously required high-priced, full-size systems. It handles a variety of integrations, rack styles, types of labware, and capacity options. Features include the flexibility to work with lidded microplates, deep-well plates, and tip boxes and a choice of two-rack, four-rack, and six-rack configurations. The platform is an integrated benchtop robot and microplate storage system that features a unique high-speed plate shuttle that accesses integrated microplate stacks and peripheral microplate-based instruments including liquid handlers, dispensers, readers, sealers, washers, centrifuges, microplate storage devices, and more.


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Nanosphere Conjugates

The Kodak X-Sight Nanosphere Conjugates labeled with Streptavidin provide an effective means for life science researchers to detect biotinylated probes in fluorescent molecular biology research applications. These streptavidin conjugates are fully biocompatible and suitable for both in vivo and in vitro applications, providing outstanding photostability and brightness. Offered in four wavelengths from ultraviolet to near infrared, they provide a robust platform for translating molecular imaging experiments from in vitro to in vivo applications. The Kodak X-Sight imaging agent family also includes Kodak X-Sight Nanospheres and Large Stokes Shift Dyes, which are also offered in a variety of conjugated forms. Although they have been optimized for Kodak In-Vivo Imaging Systems and Kodak Image Systems, they are compatible with other commercially available digital imaging systems.

Carestream Health

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Gel Documentation System

Red is a plug-and-play gel documentation system that features a touch-screen panel to control all aspects of imaging, from lighting control to image capture. It includes a computer with embedded Windows XP. Its scientific-grade sensor and innovative optical design provide the flexibility critical to imaging a wide variety of flourescent one-dimensional gels. Images can be saved to a memory stick or printed directly using any USB-compatible printer.

Alpha Innotech

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Gel Scalpels

Target bands can be excised without scratching the expensive screen of an ultraviolet transilluminator by using nuclease-free Gel Scalpels. These polystyrene plastic scalpels have a thin, blade-like end that accurately cuts through gels and a spatula end that lifts and transfers agarose gel bands effortlessly. They are manufactured in a nuclease-free process and packaged in nuclease-free plastic bags.

Bel-Art Products

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Vacuum Concentrator

The Vacufuge plus is for concentration, drying, and purification of DNA, RNA, nucleotides, and proteins. This vacuum concentrator provides fast evaporation, worry-free concentration, and no sample loss. The Vacufuge plus features a new liquid crystal display with a user-friendly control panel that offers intuitive operation. The device reduces evaporation times by allowing for solvent preselection as well as four heating levels. It offers 13 fixed-angle rotors for vessels of various sizes and capacities.


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