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Science  29 Aug 2008:
Vol. 321, Issue 5893, pp. 1225
DOI: 10.1126/science.321.5893.1225a

Gel Documentation System

The U: Genius is an affordable gel documentation system for accurately recording DNA and protein gel images. Built to the same high standards as the G: BOX image analyzers, U: Genius provides 2 megapixel resolution. The system has a compact darkroom with a unique touch screen and can accommodate any benchtop transilluminator. The darkroom comes with internal white light for viewing and focusing and has self-stowing doors that automatically turn off the transilluminator when opened to prevent accidental ultraviolet exposure. The touch screen's icons are linked to Syngene's latest imaging methods, so users needing to rapidly resolve close band images can produce true 16-bit images using the EDR (extended dynamic range) icon. Users can reduce background noise with the neutral fielding icon. Images can be rotated, sharpened, and annotated.


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Bibliographic Software

EndNote Web is an upgrade to an online bibliographic tool that complements and integrates seamlessly with EndNote desktop and the ISI Web of Knowledge research platform. EndNote Web's fresh new look introduces administrative tools to customize online search connection files, import filters, and bibliographic styles. The program makes organizing and citing references a simple task so users can concentrate on content. It encourages collaboration by enabling users to group references and share these groups with colleagues. With EndNote Web, users can connect to ISI Web of Knowledge, PubMed, and hundreds of online library catalogs, import references from online sources to build a reference collection, and create bibliographies instantly in more than 3,200 publishing styles.

Thomson Reuters

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WDXRF Spectrometer System

The Rigaku Supermini is a high-power benchtop wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer system. Delivering rapid, high-sensitivity, nondestructive analysis of elements from fluorine through uranium in solids, liquids, powders, and thin films, the Supermini offers performance and value in a compact package. It is offered as a cost-effective, high-precision alternative to energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence technology. The instrument features three analyzing crystals, two detectors, a 12-position sample changer, and a choice of analysis in air, vacuum, or helium. An air-cooled 50 V, 200W tube provides exceptional light element performance and does not require external cooling.

Rigaku Americas Corp.

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Microplate Thawing Station

The MicroStream microplate thawing station circulates ambient air across the base of a frozen microplate or tube rack to gently and evenly thaw samples without risk of damage. Because many samples are stored using the solvent DMSO, which has a freezing point of 18°C, thawing samples from microplates or sample storage tubes is often a laboratory bottleneck. Economical, quiet, and compact, the MicroStream not only increases laboratory productivity, but also maintains sample integrity by protecting compounds during multiple freeze-thaw cycles, reducing the precipitation risk.

Porvair Sciences

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Sequencing Software

The NextGENe software suite was developed to efficiently analyze the vast amount of data generated by “next generation” sequencing systems. NextGENe's applications include de novo and target assembly, single nucleotide polymorphism and indel discovery, digital gene expression analysis, transcriptome with complementary DNA analysis, and microRNA discovery and quantification. The software's preprogrammed applications, easy-to-use interface, and unique algorithms quickly process the sequence and quality files on standard Windows 64-bit operating system hardware. The software's ability to run on 64-bit desktop systems eliminates the need for users to acquire costly servers.


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Liquid Dispensing Pump

Ecofluidic pumps are designed for low-cost, simple liquid transfer. Innovative features include a safety switch to ensure the pump runs only when the pump head is closed; a single, multifunction control knob for simple forward and reverse control; and an easy-to-use tubing holder for trouble-free operation. These peristaltic pumps offer advantages in scientific applications; for example, they are suitable for handling sterile media because the liquid is safely contained within the tube, preventing contamination. They are especially suited to low-pressure, low-flow pumping applications in which accuracy is key. Ecofluidic pumps deliver flows up to 3.8 liters per minute at pressures up to 1.5 bar. They have a single channel, three pump rollers, and a speed range from 80 rpm to 670 rpm.

Michael Smith Engineers

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