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Science  03 Oct 2008:
Vol. 322, Issue 5898, pp. 118
DOI: 10.1126/science.322.5898.118a

MicroRNA Products

The TaqMan MicroRNA MegaPlex products consist of three new molecular tools designed to streamline the workflow for microRNA (miRNA) analysis, address the needs of researchers working with minute amounts of RNA, and provide broad, up-to-date coverage of known miRNAs expressed in biological samples from humans, mice, and rats. The Megaplex RT Primers consist of high-complexity pools of novel stem-looped reverse transcriptase (RT) primers that reduce the number of RT reactions needed to profile miRNA expression. The MegaPlex PreAmp Primers enable preamplification of starting RNA material when sensitivity is of the utmost importance. Incorporation of preamplification reduces the total RNA input needed to perform an analysis to as little as one nanogram. The TaqMan MicroRNA Arrays are microfluidics cards containing TaqMan MicroRNA Assays that enable rapid and reproducible generation of real-time PCR data for hundreds of miRNA targets in parallel.

Applied Biosystems

For information 800-327-3002

PCR Boosting Reagent

PCRboost is a reagent that enhances end-point and reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (PCR) fivefold or more during amplification of genomic DNA or RNA templates. It can improve amplification of challenging samples, including trace or degraded samples, long fragments, and low-copy transcripts. PCRboost requires no changes to the user's PCR protocol, but can simply be used to replace the water in the reaction.


For information 858-550-0308

Pipetting Tips

Polymerase chain reaction and Sterile CyBi-TipsTrays are available for all purity specifications for use with bacteria and cell cultures as well as nucleic acids. CyBio guarantees precise results at the highest stage. The pipetting tips were designed and developed with great care according to precise specifications to ensure consistent high quality.


For information +49-36-41-351-0

Electronic Dispensers

The electronic Repeater stream and Xstream hand dispensers are designed for accelerating processes and saving time on long-series pipetting. When used with Combitips Plus tips, the Repeater stream is suitable for all standard pipetting and dispensing applications, while the Repeater Xstream can also perform titrations, sequential dispensing, and aspiration of supernatants. The instruments' increased volume selection provides the flexibility needed for research as well as routine tasks. Their smooth handling reduces the fatigue associated with repetitive work. The nine sizes of Combitips Plus allow a wide dispensing range of up to 112 different volumes. The large volumes allow longer series dispensing without stopping for a refill.


For information 800-645-3050

Genomic DNA

The OmniPrep kit isolates high-quality genomic DNA from many different species and tissue types, including animal, plant, bacteria, yeast, fungi, whole blood, and cells in culture. DNA can be isolated from samples high in polysaccharides or other contaminants difficult to remove from the preparations. The kit features a rapid precipitation technique with unique reagents that isolate genomic DNA free from proteins and RNA. Genomic DNA can be isolated in 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the tissue sample type used. The resulting genomic DNA is visualized on an agarose gel as a large single band, demonstrating the high quality and minimal shearing of the technique.


For information 314-991-6034

Gene Expression Arrays

The Roche NimbleGen Sequence Capture 385K Custom Arrays save time and money compared with polymerase chain reaction methods by capturing up to 5Mb of targeted regions from full complexity genomic DNA. Captured fragments are well suited for high throughput sequencing on instruments such as the 454 Genome Sequencer FLX system. The Capture Arrays incorporate built-in control probes and can be tailored to capture target genomic regions or thousands of exons in parallel. The NimbleGen HD2 12-plex arrays for gene expression analysis enable the user to hybridize 12 independent samples on a single slide. These multiplex arrays offer a cost-effective approach to gene expression analysis, without compromising information content or data quality. These arrays are available in a broad range of whole-genome designs or can be custom designed for experimental goals and genomes of interest.

Roche Nimblegen

For information 608-218-7600

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