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Science  17 Oct 2008:
Vol. 322, Issue 5900, pp. 465
DOI: 10.1126/science.322.5900.465a

Air Sterilization and Decontamination System

The Air Manager system is an air sterilization and decontamination system that destroys particulates, resulting in better air control and protection for sensitive laboratory applications. Rather than relying on filtering out airborne pathogens and particulates, the system destroys them through a patented sterilization technique based on close-coupled field technology (CCFT), in which an electrically generated plasma field sterilizes the passing atmosphere. Any particulates in the atmosphere, whether they are viable pathogens, pyrogenic material, chemical fumes, odors, viruses, or other offending materials, are “zapped” by the plasma field as a result of their own electrical charges. This “zapping” breaks down the chemical bonds of any materials and reduces the offending particulates, in most cases down to their elemental constituents. Heavier elemental constituents, which can be harmful, are generated by the breakdown of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and are removed by the combination of the CCFT and the charged exhaust filter bed.

Scientific Laboratory Supplies

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Drug Interaction Study System

Cellport Technologies is a sophisticated assay system that provides the preclinical in vitro data on drug transporter–mediated drug-drug interactions needed when submitting a new drug application. The assay makes use of a series of novel cell lines in which transporter expression has been manipulated in the bidirectional assay format; the assay system clearly determines which efflux transporter(s) a test compound interacts with. The information can be used to determine whether or not a new drug is safe to use with other drugs. The system makes use of Caco-2, a human cell line that has been studied extensively. The cell lines were designed using RNA interference to knock down specific genes in a stable Caco-2 cell line, one at a time.

Absorption Systems

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Cell Imaging System

Cellavista is an image-based system that can be used for rapid visualization of a broad range of cellular assays, while simultaneously performing image analysis. Combining brightfield and fluorescence optic capabilities, Cellavista enables users to acquire and analyze images for a wide array of cell-based assays, including single-cell cloning, cell confluence, suspension cell count, fluorescence-activated cell sorter seeding efficiency control, cell nuclei count and characterization, transfection efficiency, microplate quality control, viral plaque assays, fluorescent protein expression, and apoptosis assays. In as little as five minutes, Cellavista can scan a 96-well microplate with simultaneous image acquisition and analysis. It features specially designed optics combined with fast auto-focus. Assay-specific analysis algorithms have been developed to identify cell clusters or colonies and are applicable to stem cell research.


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Human Epidermal Melanocytes

Primary Clonetics Adult Normal Human Epdidermal Melanocytes are highly characterized cells for use in diverse applications in dermal research, including malignant melanoma, dermal disorders, toxicology, pigmentation, and cosmetic studies. Clonetics Adult Melanocytes are available as cryopreserved amps, proliferating plates, or proliferating flasks. They are optimized for use with MGM-4 Melanocyte Growth Media BulletKit to deliver outstanding growth and survival in culture.

Lonza Group

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Neural Stem Cell Lines

The MilliTrace primary rodent neural stem cell lines express green fluorescent protein (GFP) constitutively. GFP expression in these stem cells is the best way for researchers to monitor the behavior of specific populations of cells as they proliferate, migrate, and differentiate into various cell lineages, depending on the developmental context. The Millitrace cell lines are the first commercially available, GFP-expressing, karyotypically normal stem cell lines, and are supplied with optimized expansion medium. Validated for high levels of GFP expression, stem cell marker expression, and multipotency, MilliTrace GFP Reporter Neural Stem Cell Lines can improve reproducibility and data quality for a variety of applications.


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Stem Cell Workstation

The SCI-tive (stem cell investigations total in vitro environment) workstation is designed for both embryonic and adult stem cell isolation, optimization, differentiation, and incubation within a totally enclosed controlled culture environment. Working under controlled conditions is essential to ensure the cell differentiation process does not result in inappropriate cell types. Researchers can monitor the internal environment of the workstation and control temperature, humidity, and gas concentrations. The workstation features a small footprint, and reduces the need for other gas-controlled incubators and class 2 biological safety cabinets. All processes can be carried out within the workstation, with integrated microscopy and digital software making whole process monitoring, tracking, and calibration possible without disturbing the controlled atmosphere.

Ruskinn Technology

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