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Science  24 Oct 2008:
Vol. 322, Issue 5901, pp. 608
DOI: 10.1126/science.322.5901.608a

Microbalances and Ultramicrobalances

Microbalances and Ultramicrobalances

New analytical balances have been added to the Excellence Plus and Excellence lines. The XP6U and XP2U ultramicrobalances and XP6 microbalances offer up to 6 g capacity and 0.1 μg or 1 μg readability. The Excellence XS3DU microbalance offers weighing performance in an 800-mg fine range with 1-μg readability. The XP6U ultramicrobalance has a 61-million-digit resolution. The XP2U ultramicrobalance has a 21-million-digit resolution. The instruments offer all the other Excellence Plus features, such as colored touch-screen display, customized screen programming, intelligent user guidance, and hands-free infrared draft shield.

Mettler Toledo

For information 614-438-4733

Protein Immunoblot Imaging and Analysis

The FluorChem Q Imaging System provides the sensitivity of chemiluminescence and the quantitative power of fluorescence in one easy-to-use instrument. Designed with fast-lens technology, a peltier-cooled camera captures high-resolution images with a linear dynamic range that outperforms film, and with speeds 10 times faster than a laser scanner. Equipped with three integrated excitation sources for multicolor blots, the FluorChem Q is compatible with Cy dyes, Alexa dyes, Q dots, and chemiluminescent protein immunoblotting kits. This versatile system can also image fluorescent DNA and protein gels. The system comes with intuitive software that automatically stores all experimental imaging protocols as well as channel and filter settings.

Alpha Innotech

For information 510-483-9620

Competent Cells

The Multiple-Deletion Strain 42 (MDS42) features competent cells that have been completely sequenced and analyzed by genome. A series of deletions have also been performed to remove nonessential genetic elements, which has improved the transformation efficiencies and improved protein expression. With 15 percent of nonessential regions of the genome removed, the MDS42 competent cells contain no insertion sequence elements, phage and prophage elements, recombination regions, or endonuclease A.

Scarab Genomics

For information 888-513-7075

UV-Visible Spectrophotometers

The new Helios Zeta double-beam and Helios Omega single-beam ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometers are designed for research, routine quality control, and teaching. They are cost-effective instruments that offer excellent throughput and affordable analysis of liquid and solid samples. The systems offer unlimited method and data storage using USB memory devices. Integrated software provides control for a multitude of laboratory requirements from fixed wavelength measurements and quantitative analysis to wavelength scanning and multicomponent analysis.

ThermoFisher Scientific

For information 800-532-4752

Chiral Chromatography Columns

Lux columns are a new line of polysaccharide-based columns for the identification and resolution of enantiomers. They are offered with two chiral stationary phases, both of which make use of coated derivatized cellulose as the chiral selector. The two phases combine to create a dependable screening set with a wide range of selectivity. The columns are offered in 3 μm and 5 μm particle sizes.


For information 310-212-0555

Tissue Culture Products

The Iwaki range of tissue culture products consists of standard nontreated and tissue culture–treated ware, along with an extensive range of substrate-coated products designed to combat problems associated with in vitro cell culture. The Iwaki coated-ware range has significant benefits over noncoated tissue culture products. In addition, Iwaki products offer considerable time savings compared with “home-made” products. The culture substrates available in the Iwaki range include collagen type 1, fibronectin, gelatin and poly-L-lysine, polyethylene imine, and a unique collagen gel membrane. The range also includes a unique selection of glass-based dishes, multiwell plates, and chamber slides offering high optical clarity for complex cell biology research.


For information +44-(0)-844-844-3737

Live Cell Imaging Chamber

The CV-30 Live Cell Imaging Chamber is a closed-bath chamber that incorporates special features for imaging. It is compatible with any microscope stage capable of accepting a multiwell plate and any stage having a standard microscope slide adapter. The chamber features a user-defined bath geometry and volume, and presents a large viewing area. A glass coverslip forms the top of the chamber, while a 1-mm-thick round coverslip forms the chamber bottom. The CV-30 is compatible with the CytoViva High Resolution Imaging System. This low-profile imaging chamber can be used for simultaneous observation of fluorescent and nonfluorescent samples.

Warner Instruments

For information 800-599-4203

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