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Science  31 Oct 2008:
Vol. 322, Issue 5902, pp. 761
DOI: 10.1126/science.322.5902.761a

Microplate Sealing Film

A new gas-permeable rayon microplate sealing film has been shown to improve culturing of mammalian cells, bacteria, and yeast culture by up to 70 percent compared with an impermeable seal. Manufactured from high-permeability, medical-grade rayon, the new heat-sealing film provides a uniform air and carbon dioxide exchange with all microplate wells, unlike plate lids, which favor exchange for wells near the plate edges. The membrane also reduces evaporation, enhancing longer term incubation experiments. Designed for use with both manual and automated heat sealers, the new sealing film makes use of a noncytotoxic adhesive to minimize sample cross-contamination.

Porvair Sciences

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Syringe Filters

The regenerated cellulose (RC) syringe filters remove particulates from the sample, which prevents buildup and blockage in chromatography columns and frits while minimizing wear and tear on injection valves. Sample filtration can reduce system downtime and component replacement. The new RC membranes deliver clean sample with no detectable leachates and are compatible with high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, immunochromatography, and capillary electrophoresis analysis. The filters offer wider chemical compatibility compared with traditional nylon membranes.


For information 310-212-0555

Universal Cell Migration Kit

The Oris Universal Cell Migration Kit offers a 96-well format in which cell seeding stoppers replace cumbersome membrane-based, cell culture inserts to generate real-time results. Unlike the original Oris Cell Migration Kit, the new universal assembly kit allows scientists to coat the 96-well plate with any extracellular matrix component to create a migration or invasion assay. A two-dimensional closure assay can be designed by leaving the plate uncoated. The Oris Cell Seeding Stoppers are then inserted into each well, where the stopper tip creates a protected 2-mm round zone in the center of each well. Cells are seeded and allowed to adhere, and then the stoppers are removed, exposing a detection zone into which cells can move. An overlay of an extracellular matrix on the cells after stopper removal provides a three-dimensional environment for studying invasion. Cell movement can be monitored in real time by staining and viewing cells with a microscope or digital imaging system.

Platypus Technologies

For information 608-237-1270

Metabolomics Resource Website

A comprehensive online resource center for metabolomics researchers provides tools and technical advice to help scientists studying small-molecule metabolite profiles. The Metabolomics Solutions Center enables users to tap into Thermo Fisher's extensive knowledge of metabolomics in a single, easy-to-navigate location. It includes application notes, scientific posters, technical guides, webinars, and customer articles from leading researchers in the fields of agriculture, environmental toxicology, disease, nutrition, microorganisms, lipidomics, and general applications.

ThermoFisher Scientific

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Chiral Chromatography Columns

Warmed platforms are available for 35-mm and 50-mm petri dishes, glass slides, and chambered slides. The WP-10 and WP-16 warmed platforms are constructed of aluminum to allow temperature control from 25°C to 65°C and are available in 10-mm and 16-mm aperture sizes. These platforms provide excellent mechanical access from below and have good heat conductivity. They are black anodized for corrosion protection and to minimize stray light reflectance. Control is provided by the TC-124A and TC-144 temperature controllers.

Warner Instruments

For information 800-599-4203

Parallel Synthesizer

The Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station is designed to provide busy chemistry laboratories with an easy-to-use productivity tool that simultaneously heats or cools, stirs and refluxes up to 12 samples (1–20 ml) under an inert atmosphere. The Carousel Plus features a new removable reflux and gas distribution head that can be easily transferred, with tubes in situ, between the Carousel's heated base, cooling reservoir, and support stand, providing a unique modular system. The Carousel Plus includes a fluoropolymer insulation plate that sits over the heated base to act as a barrier to heat loss. Viewing slots in the heated base provide a view of the reaction tube contents and stirring performance. The instrument operates from ambient to 180°C (220°C for short periods), and with the addition of a cooling reservoir, to -78°C.


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