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Science  07 Nov 2008:
Vol. 322, Issue 5903, pp. 978
DOI: 10.1126/science.322.5903.978a

Microfluidic Instruments

The LabChip GX and LabChip GXII benchtop microfluidics systems are for fast, automated, one-dimensional electrophoretic separations of protein, DNA, and RNA samples. The LabChip GX is a low-price, entry-level system targeted at genomics applications, while the GXII combines genomics and protein research applications. The instruments offer extended walk-away time, high throughput, and economical plate-processing ability. Both systems combine highly reproducible assay technology with advanced data analysis and visualization software. They offer 96-well and 384-well plate compatibility and the ability to select single wells at any location in a plate. Users can thoroughly analyze samples in seconds instead of minutes, eliminating throughput bottlenecks and improving efficiency.

Caliper Life Sciences

For information 877-522-2447

Microfluidic Chip

A reusable, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), nanoflow-rate chip features titanium-dioxide-particle–based phosphopeptide enrichment. The chip is a multilayer polyimide laminate that contains an enrichment section with titanium dioxide beads flanked on both sides with C18 reversed-phase material. The three sections of the sandwich are separated by microfabricated frits. The unique sandwich configuration of the enrichment section provides researchers three modes of peptide analysis: standard peptide analysis, phosphopeptide analysis only, and combined peptide and phosphopeptide analysis. The chip can be used with Agilent HPLC-chip/mass spectrometry instrumentation, with a choice of mass spectrometers.

Agilent Technologies

For information 408-553-7191

Integrated Fluidic Circuit

The BioMark 96.96 Dynamic Array is a new integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) capable of performing 9,216 simultaneous real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) experiments running TaqMan assays in nanoliter quantities. This new-generation IFC enables life science researchers to achieve new levels of cost and logistical efficiency and flexibility, as well as comprehensive profiling from minuscule amounts of sample. The 96.96 Dynamic Array provides the flexibility of a microwell plate and the density of a microarray in one easy-to-use consumable. IFCs meter, multiplex, and combine nanoliter volumes of fluids thousands of times in parallel on a single chip with precise control and reproducibility. With this new dynamic array, researchers can set up 9,216 experiments with just 192 pipetting steps.


For information 650-266-6081

Purification System

The compact Isolera Flash purification system enables chemists to achieve better separations in significantly shorter purification run times with new features that result in maximum purity and yield. The advanced thin layer chromatography (TLC)-to-gradient feature automatically creates elution gradients and suggests cartridge and sample size. Compounds can be collected on two separate wavelengths using a variable-wavelength detector option, resulting in increased compound recovery and cleaner fractions. Up to four solvents can be used in a single gradient to easily purify samples with diverse polarity. A third cosolvent can be isocratically pumped into the binary gradient, maintaining compound solubility and eliminating the over-pressure issues that can be caused by precipitating compounds. Users have full control over sample purification conditions, as a full range of editing options is available, including gradient, flow rate, collection volume, and fraction wavelengths and modes.


For information 434-979-2319

Immunoassay Device

The Gravi ELISA-Cell is a USB-powered, microfluidics-based immunoassay device for running bead-based protocols with standard immunology reagents. The instrument works with Gravi ELISA-Chip (microchannel-harboring biosensors) for performing everything from sample preparation through signal detection. The compact device is designed for manual operation, to generate results wherever needed and most convenient. The device offers the flexibility of running almost any available enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) or affinity assay.


For information 619-660-6162

Vibration Cancellation System

The TableTop PZT is an active, hard-mount vibration cancellation system for small precision instruments, particularly those in buildings where floor vibration is severe. The TableTop PZT features a lightweight, compact design; extended stroke piezoelectric actuators; and sub-HZ vibration cancellation, both vertical and horizontal. It has no soft air suspension. It has a payload capacity of up to 300 pounds. Technical Manufacturing Corp.

Technical Manufacturing Corporation

For information 800-542-9725

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