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Science  21 Nov 2008:
Vol. 322, Issue 5905, pp. 1263
DOI: 10.1126/science.322.5905.1263a

Sample Storage System

Traxis is a sample storage coding system designed to enhance compound traceability and retrieval. The Traxis system includes a uniquely identified tube, a polypropylene tube, a multipierceable resealing cap, and a range of specially designed readers and tube sorters to allow accurate identification and fast manipulation of the Traxis tubes. Traxis tubes can be encrypted with up to 8.5 billion different combinations of a numerical code that provide a unique identification and enhanced sample storage traceability. The Traxis reader can simultaneously scan all 96 tubes in a rack without the need for any tube removal. The caps are hydrophobic and can be pierced at least 12 times without risk of sample evaporation or contamination.


For information 724-941-6411

Comet Assay Electrophoresis System

A novel complete system is available for the comet assay, the only direct method for the detection of DNA damage in cells. The comet assay is used in cancer research, in genotoxicity studies on environmental mutagens, and for screening compounds for cancer therapeutics. Based on single-cell gel electrophoresis in a controlled pH environment, the assay allows the integrity of stained nuclear DNA to be examined and measured. The new assay includes CometSlides, reagents, control cells, and an electrophoresis unit that retains test cells in a uniquely configured electrophoretic field permitting consistent DNA migration patterns, which are critical for standardization of the assay.


For information 800-873-8443

Fusion Cloning System

The Stargate Fusion Cloning System allows the construction of artificial operons for multiple gene expression in bacterial or mammalian cells or the generation of fusion proteins. Stargate enables the systematic combination of promoters (that is, hosts), purification tags, or other genetic elements with any gene of interest in a convenient cloning system. Three different versions of the cloning sets are available.


For information +49-551-50672-114

Fluorescent Conjugates

The Dylight fluorescent conjugates are designed to fill the need for probes with high fluorescence and photostability that allow sensitive detection of low-abundant proteins. They combine the sensitivity and reproducibility of KPL's affinity-purified antibodies and streptavidin with a series of intense fluorescent DyLight dyes for brilliant analysis in fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, protein immunoblotting, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, and other fluorescent applications. The conjugates are available with three dyes with well-differentiated emission spectra suitable for sensitive multicolor analysis.


For information 800-638-3167

X-Ray Diffraction System

The Rapid II is a compact, high-resolution X-ray diffraction system. The latest member of a family of large area curved imaging plate detectors, the Rapid II includes every component needed to deliver no-compromise performance for applications ranging from applied to chemical crystallography. Typical applications include high-resolution charge density measurement, microdiffraction, diffuse scattering, measurement of weakly diffracting disordered materials, small molecule crystallography, wide-angle X-ray scattering, stress and texture measurements, and general purpose powder diffraction. The new 2DP software allows simultaneous manipulation of multiple images with various analytical protocols. In addition to general, two-dimensional intensity image processing, the software provides for display and automatic calculation of stress and texture data. The Rapid II's curved imaging plate detector has numerous advantages over other types of X-ray detectors, the most obvious being an extremely large active area, low noise, and wide dynamic range.

Rigaku Americas

For information 281-362-2300

CYP450 Antibody Panel

A new panel of human and rodent cytochrome P450 (CYP450) antibodies is available for use in drug discovery. These antibodies bind to most human isoforms of CYP450, as well as rat and mouse antibodies. They can be used to develop assays for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural, and industrial sectors.


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Tracking Moving Specimens

Designed to solve the problem of tracking a moving specimen, PhotoTrack can be combined with closed-loop DC servo motor stages to keep free-moving samples in the field of view, wherever they go. PhotoTrack makes use of a low-light-level rapid position-sensing quadrant photomultiplier tube sensor to monitor a bright reference spot on the target. It then commands an automated XY stage to maintain that spot in the center of a microscope's field of view.

ASI/Applied Scientific Instrumentation

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