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Science  02 Jan 2009:
Vol. 323, Issue 5910, pp. 145
DOI: 10.1126/science.323.5910.145a

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

A new website provides detailed information on near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) and the Thermo Scientific NIR product family. Designed to serve as a comprehensive reference source, it contains detailed descriptions of an extensive selection of NIR applications, information on theory supported with experimental examples, a wide range of interactive tools, and an Ask the Experts feature where visitors can pose questions.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

For information 800-532-4752

Thermal Analysis Software

A new category of STARe software allows users to find a desired measurement curve or evaluation from thousands of data records within a few seconds in differential scanning calorimetry, dynamic mechanical analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, and thermomechanical analysis. STARe software is designed to manage large amounts of data and is based on a relational database. The relationships between data entries can be used to search for specific information, for example, for a particular method, curve, or evaluation. Users can search not only for different criteria but also for different categories. This means that they can assign entries to chosen topics after the entries have been automatically stored in the database. Users can assign as many categories to a curve, method, or evaluation as needed.

Mettler Toledo

For information 614-438-4686

Hot Plates and Stirrers

A new line of multiposition analog stirring hot plates and stirrers features large square heater tops with a temperature range to 450°C. The five-position stirring units can stir five 800-ml beakers. The nine-position units can stir nine 500-ml beakers with a stirring range from 100 to 1,500 rpm. The units can support more than 22.6 kg on the plate surface and are designed to keep spills out of the chassis. All controls are mounted well in front of the heater surface to protect against accidental burns.

Torrey Pines Scientific

For information 866-573-9100

Peptide Synthesizer

The Activo-P11 Peptide Synthesizer is an automated system with innovative new features. Reactor heating on the P11 increases coupling efficiency for difficult or long sequences. Intuitive software enables rapid definition of protocols. Cycle times as low as 30 minutes per coupling are possible, and even long peptides can be synthesized with walk-away automation. The instrument combines compatibility with a wide range of commercially available resins and reagents with the ability to perform a wide range of Fmoc and t-Boc chemistries. It can synthesize peptides in the 0.1‐0.2 mmol scale. The synthesizer includes a disposable reactor that can be easily removed and placed in a peptide cleavage device. This allows the synthesizer to be maintained in the open lab while cleavage and deprotection procedures can be performed quickly and safely in a fume hood.


For information +44-1223-260008

Sequencing Software Expands Scope

NextGENe sequencing analysis software now offers a conversion tool for CS Fasta files generated by the Applied Biosystems SOLiD system, allowing SOLiD users to enjoy NextGENe's processing power. The new tool converts and corrects “color space” (CS) data into Base Space data, permitting de novo assembly, target assembly, single nucleotide polymorphism and insertion/deletion detection, and transcriptome analysis.


For information 888-791-1270

Alarm Thermometer

The Dickson Alarm Thermometer for use in both refrigerators and freezers features tamper-resistant audible and visual alarms. The MM120 is a single-probe model and the MM125 is a two-probe model that can monitor refrigerators and freezers simultaneously. Both models feature a visual alarm that remains lit even if temperatures are no longer out of range, alerting users to the need for remedial action. Alarm controls are on the back of the unit, so it is tamper-resistant once it is mounted on the outside of the refrigerator. A large LCD shows current temperature, minimum and maximum temperatures, alarm conditions, and battery levels.

Dickson Co.

For information 800-757-3747

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