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Science  06 Feb 2009:
Vol. 323, Issue 5915, pp. 809
DOI: 10.1126/science.323.5915.809a

Solenoid Valve Manifold

An injection manifold mount system enables the precise injection of a fluid into a flow stream, so any ported Lee VHS (very high speed) microdispense solenoid valve can be mounted so that the outlet port is in close proximity to the flow stream. This provides the dual benefit of minimal captive capillary volume and increased injected volume repeatability. Lee VHS two-way solenoid valves are suitable for applications requiring precise liquid control down to nanoliter dispense volumes. The new mount system is suitable for laboratory, biomedical, and chemistry applications, and especially for flow injection analyzers.

Lee Products

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Immunogenecity Package

The Biacore T100 immunogenecity software package supports screening, confirmation, and characterization of antidrug antibodies. The software for the Biacore T100 label-free protein interaction analysis system supports screening, confirmation, and characterization of antidrug antibodies during preclinical and clinical development. The software addresses the problem of drug interference by enabling measurement of antidrug antibodies in the presence of excess amounts of drug. It also includes recommendations for development of immunogenecity assays to reduce development time.

Biacore/GE Healthcare

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Nucleic Acid Extractor

The DWS range of Downflow Workstations provide operator safety for carrying out routine work. The units operate at low noise levels. Because they recirculate air, they do not exhaust expensive conditioned or heated air into the atmosphere. They are designed to provide a small bench-mounted unit with unrestricted access for operations that are difficult to perform in a conventional fume hood. The downflow action takes the contaminated air away from the operator. An alarm sounds when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level. The main filter can be chosen from 14 different types of carbon, which include specialty media for vapors of organics, solvents, acids, mercury, and formaldehyde. High efficiency particulate air filters are also available.

Air Science USA

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Multiplex Immunoassays

A new line of MultiBead multiplex immunoassays can simultaneously quantify the levels of up to 22 analytes in a single sample and in various matrices, including serum, plasma, urine, culture supernatants, and cell lysates. MultiBead assays do not require specialized instruments, but work on commercially available dual-laser flow cytometers, making access to instrumentation convenient and economical. Proprietary data analysis software is available with the products.

Assay Designs

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Animal-Free Culture Supplements

The first product under the CellPrime brand, Transferrin recombinant supplement is designed to reduce risk and ease regulatory concerns for biopharmaceutical manufacturers by improving the consistency and productivity of industrial cell culture processes. Recombumin is a yeast-derived recombinant human albumin that has a structure identical to human serum albumin. It is the first animal-free recombinant human albumin approved for use in the manufacture of human therapeutics. LongR3 IGF-1 is an analog of human insulin-like growth factor 1 designed for use in industrial cell culture, providing an animal-free alternative to recombinant insulin.

Novozymes Biopharma

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Gene Expression Profiling

The SOLiD System high throughput genomic analysis platform can generate genomewide expression profiling data at the single-cell level. Gene expression signatures at the single-cell level have the potential to reveal details about cell fate and can potentially accelerate the discovery of biomarkers for disease. The generation of comprehensive profiles from single stem cells is expected to reveal clues about molecular variation between genetically identical stem cells and the underlying molecular mechanisms that trigger pluripotent stem cells to differentiate into specific cell types, including cancer cells. Such detailed characterizations will give researchers a better understanding of how these cells can be used in regenerative therapies for damaged cells and organs.

Applied Biosystems

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