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Science  13 Feb 2009:
Vol. 323, Issue 5916, pp. 954
DOI: 10.1126/science.323.5916.954a

Gradient Thermal Cycler

The TC-3000G gradient thermal cycler enables eight different temperatures to be tested simultaneously within a small footprint of 17 cm by 33 cm. The instrument offers two easily interchangeable block options. The 48-well thermal block is arranged to provide eight columns for temperature optimization and six rows for optimizing reagents and primer concentrations. Annealing temperatures can be optimized over a 15°C gradient between 20°C and 80°C with a fast heating rate of 3.3°C per second. The system can help optimize annealing temperatures for polymerase chain reactions particularly in life science and molecular biology laboratories with insufficient throughput to justify the expense of a 96-well gradient system. A thermal block option of 30 × 0.5 ml offers significantly greater capacity than the usual 12 or 20 tubes.

Bibby Scientific

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Sample and Chemical Storage and Retrieval

The comPOUND system is for the storage and retrieval of chemical compounds and biological samples. It offers flexible storage capacity with high-speed cherry-picking to select library subsets. It can deliver any sample in 5 seconds. Sample integrity is maintained through a hermetically sealed storage chamber with an inert nitrogen atmosphere kept at −20°C. Tracking is performed using a barcode on each microtube. The system's innovative use of pneumatics allows samples to be delivered up to 15 meters away. Multiple modules can be connected to expand libraries, with units connected in parallel, so tubes can be accessed from all connected modules at the same time. The modular design allows expansion to up to 1.2 million samples.

TTP LabTech

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Real-Time PCR System

The BioMark Real-Time PCR System for high throughput genetic analysis performs on-board thermal cycling and fluorescence detection. The Biomark system integrates thermal cycling and detection of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays. It acquires data for each reaction chamber of the integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) chip simultaneously and can operate in either end-point or real-time detection mode. It includes integral data collection and data analysis software for genotyping, digital, and real-time PCR. Powerful real-time PCR analysis software displays the analyzed data in multiple formats, including color-coded maps of every reaction chamber on the IFC chip, amplification curves, and numeric tables. Because the system is designed for proprietary licensed 5' nuclease assays, laboratories can easily switch to dynamic arrays and digital arrays for PCR while continuing to use trusted reagents and protocols.

Fluidigm Europe

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DNA Purification and Sequencing

The BioCel platform is a sample processing system for assembling genomics reactions, dispensing samples for compound preparation, or processing biological samples in screening applications. It is available in three different sizes with various options for enclosures and environmental control. With the addition of the high-speed VPrep precision pipetting system, the BioCel becomes an automated system for DNA purification and sequencing. The VPrep's ability to perform complex pipetting sequences while delivering high throughput overcomes the problem of the long and complex pipetting protocols needed for DNA preparation. The BioCel system is capable of this demanding application thanks to its powerful dynamic scheduling software, flexible liquid handling options, high-speed central robot, and ability to integrate third-party instruments. The combination of the BioCel and the VPrep can provide unprecedented throughput for DNA purification and sequencing.


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Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

The Prism R refrigerated microcentrifuge is less than 11 inches wide. Programming and operation are simple, through one control knob and a large LCD. The brushless motor can achieve a maximum speed of 13,500 rpm/17,133 × g. The refrigeration system can cool the centrifuge to 4°C in less than eight minutes. The Prism R is supplied with a 24-place rotor for 1.5/2.0 ml tubes. Adapters are available for smaller tubes. A unique StripSpin rotor for polymerase chain reaction strips is available. The unit's vibration-free isolation system helps in achieving smooth and quiet operation. Other features include momentary spin and imbalance detection.

Labnet International

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