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Science  27 Mar 2009:
Vol. 323, Issue 5922, pp. 1751
DOI: 10.1126/science.323.5922.1751a

Benchtop Cell Culture System

The BioLevitator 3-D Cell Culture System is designed to deliver productivity gains to researchers in drug discovery and development, therapeutics, and regenerative medicine. The BioLevitator eliminates traditional peripheral cell culture instruments, such as incubators and centrifuges, and minimizes manual handling. Each of the BioLevitator's four hydrophilic, PTFE-filtered, 50-ml cell culture tubes can produce cell growth equivalent to up to 10 T75 flasks, depending on the cell line. The system features a user-friendly touch-screen interface with real-time monitoring and control of environmental temperature and carbon dioxide levels.

Hamilton Company

For information 775-858-3000

Stem Cell Picker

The CellCelector automated stem cell picker consists of an inverted Olympus microscope, robotic arm, and liquid handling station integrated with powerful image acquisition and analysis software. This walkaway system allows researchers to set parameters for the cell or colony types they want, including size, proximity to other colonies, or roundness. The picking tool on the robotic arm gently picks and dispenses cells into a microplate well in just 30 seconds, while assuring that the cells chosen are of consistent quality. The compact unit can fit under any standard laminar flow hood to keep the cells free of contamination. The system can also be fitted with an autoclavable metal tool for scraping adherent cells or a disposable glass capillary for picking single cells, both of which are designed to maintain cell integrity and viability.

The Automation Partnership

For information +44-(0)-1763-227200

Temperature-Responsive Surface

The Nunc UpCell Surface for temperature-induced cell harvesting is designed to enable quick dissociation of cells from the culture surface at a simple change in temperature. This process negates the need for enzymatic treatment and cell scraping, while maintaining cell viability and the integrity of surface receptors and antigens. Even cell types that are difficult to detach by other methods and contiguous cell sheets can be harvested from the Nunc UpCell Surface. Harvested cell sheets can be stacked on top of each other to create three-dimensional models and cocultures. It is available as sterile MicroWell plates, dishes, and multidishes. The surface consists of a covalently immobilized polymer that forms a thin, even layer on the culture dish or plate. The surface is slightly hydrophobic at 37°C, allowing cells to attach and grow, but it turns hydrophilic at temperatures below 32°C, binding water and swelling, and releasing adherent cells with their underlying extracellular matrix.

ThermoFisher Scientific

For information 508-742-5254

Cell-Based ECIS Instruments

The new Electric Cell-substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS) models Z and ZT provide multiple frequency measurements, broad bandwidth, speed, high sensitivity, and comprehensive data analysis capabilities. In ECIS, cells are cultured on small gold electrodes whose impedance is measured with a weak AC signal. When cells attach and spread on these electrodes, their insulating membranes constrain the current. These impedance changes can be used to quantify real-time data on cell behavior without the use of fluorescence or radiolabeled materials. Cell behaviors that can be measured include cell attachment and spreading on extracellular matrix proteins, cell migration, extravision of endothelial cell layers, barrier function, signal transduction, cytopathic effects of viral infections, cytotoxicity, cell proliferation, and more. The ECIS ZΘ system adds the capability to measure complex impedance and report its constituent components of resistance and capacitance over a spectrum of frequencies.

Applied BioPhysics

For information 866-301-3247

Cell Analyzer

The MACSQuant Analyzer is a benchtop cell analyzer for sensitive multicolor flow analysis. The analyzer features a compact design, multiparameter cell analysis, absolute cell counting, sensitive rare cell analysis using MACS technology, multisample processing, and autolabeling of samples.

Miltenyi Biotec

For information 800-367-6227

Stem Cell Sorting and Analysis

The BD Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Sorting and Analysis Kit makes use of flow cytometry for reliable characterization and sorting. This ready-to-use kit includes pre-titrated fluorochrome conjugated antibodies, experiment setup beads, validated protocols, and software analysis templates. The kit is optimized for use on the widely used BD flow cytometry instruments. The system's integrated approach minimizes assay-to-assay variability to produce dependable, comparable results quickly. Its open design allows for the easy addition of supplementary antibodies to adapt the kit to meet specific research objectives.

BD Biosciences

For information 201-847-5533

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