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Science  10 Apr 2009:
Vol. 324, Issue 5924, pp. 280
DOI: 10.1126/science.324.5924.280a

Digital Array

The Fluidigm 12.765 Digital Array is for performing simple, fast, and reliable high throughput polymerase chain reaction (PCR) applications, including target quantitation, copy number variation, and mutation detection. The 12.765 Digital Array is an integrated fluidic circuit that makes use of a network of integrated channels and valves to divide a mixture of sample and PCR reagents into 765 replicates. The chip is specially designed to quantify target sequences accurately and to detect low-abundance targets that differ by only a base-pair from the wild-type sequence. These targets can be difficult to detect with conventional assays. Because it requires just four simple steps, the array transforms digital PCR into a straightforward, routine approach for applications that demand extreme accuracy.


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Sequence Enrichment

The Sequence Enrichment Solution for targeted sequencing of the human genome enables the high-resolution analysis of genetic variation between individuals within populations at a superior level. It improves sample uniformity and reduces the selection bias typically associated with targeted sequences. It includes the RDT 1000 system, which generates picoliter-volume discrete polymerase chain reactions in droplets at the rate of 10 million per hour. It amplifies hundreds to thousands of genomic loci with high specificity and uniformity. The Sequence Enrichment Solution also includes Custom-Order Content for DNA Primer Libraries, which enable the amplification of hundreds to thousands of genomic loci in a single tube.

RainDance Technologies

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Sequence Chemistry Kits

New sequencing chemistry kits and complementary software for the Genome Analyzer enable researchers to generate 40 percent more reads per run and extend read length to more than 75 base pairs. The Mate Pair Library Preparation Kit provides support for generating longer insert paired-end libraries and complements Illumina's existing short-end paired libraries. These new products enable researchers to generate 10 to 15 gigabases of high-quality data per run, more than doubling the output of the Genome Analyzer. The mate pair library kits and long paired-end reads improve the ability of Illumina sequencers to sequence complementary DNA libraries and even open the possibility of de novo sequencing of complex organisms. The flexible mate pair technique also allows researchers to generate paired-end insert libraries measuring two to five kilobases in order to more comprehensively catalog large structural variations.


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SNP and INDEL Detection Module

A new module for NextGENe software is designed for use with the Roche Applied Science Genome Sequencer FLX System to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and sequence insertions and deletions (INDELs). The module addresses the homopolymer-based errors of the FLX system by making use of the system's high coverage to statistically polish and correct the inherent system errors. NextGENe's alignment tool can accurately align reads with long INDELs and identify them as mutations. Another detection application can identify SNPs by accurately aligning sample reads with a reference. The sequence alignment tool also provides information about amino acid changes, exon-intron boundaries, copy numbers, and methylation sites.


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Genomics Workstation

The Zephyr Genomics Workstation is an easy-to-use, powerful automation tool for molecular biology applications. The workstation includes preinstalled methods for automating many widely used nucleic acid purification chemistries, as well the manufacturer's methods for routine applications such as polymerase chain reaction setup and sample normalization. This capability removes sample preparation bottlenecks in next generation sequencing, microRNA analysis, genotyping, and gene expression studies. The system also includes several features to minimize common errors and simplify operation, such as a graphical user interface, partial tip loading, and an ultrasonic detector. The interface guides the user through method selection and proper deck setup, eliminating many of the common errors associated with high throughput processing. It can process as few as eight and as many as 96 samples simultaneously.

Caliper Life Sciences

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