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Science  24 Apr 2009:
Vol. 324, Issue 5926, pp. 537
DOI: 10.1126/science.324_537a

Hot and Stirring Plates

The rugged EchoTherm Models HP51 and HS51 Digital Hot Plates and Digital Stirring Hot Plates are designed for large samples. The units feature membrane keyboards and full-function liquid crystal displays where all parameters are continuously visible. They can store two settings in memory for instant recall and use at any time. They are suitable for use with large samples in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, biochemical, electronic, and other laboratories where temperature accuracy, ease of use, and reproducible sample preparations are a must. Tops are available in a choice of chemically resistant ceramic and milled-flat cast aluminum. Both tops are 12-inch squares. Temperatures can be set up to 450°C on the ceramic tops and to 400°C on the cast aluminum, which are recommended for working with solids directly on the heater plate surface. Stirrer speeds can be set from 100 rpm to 1,500 rpm.

Laser Scanning Microscopes

The LSM 700 laser scanning microscope for materials research allows precise, three-dimensional imaging of surfaces. The combination of fluorescence and reflection techniques enables high-precision examinations of semiconductors, metal, glass, and polymers with high information content. The integrated detection of fluorescence signals on and in the materials provides additional information. The easy-to-use system permits precise capture of three-dimensional topography or the determination of finest roughness, for example, without damaging the surface.

Fluorescence Detection

A patented new ultramicrovolume fluorescence lens cell is designed to address the need for researchers to carry out clinical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical studies cost-effectively by performing ultraviolet/visible light spectrofluorometer analysis on samples of 5 microliters or less. It provides a practical solution when samples cannot be prepared in or diluted to larger volumes. Because it offers good sensitivity even in very small volumes, the Type 19FL ultramicro cell is suited for molecular biology and forensic applications, as well as proteomics applications in which the sensitivity of the cell is sufficiently high to measure native fluorescence of proteins prepared in microliter quantities. The cell design also allows most of the sample to be recovered.

Custom Protein Expression Services

A new custom service, baculoXPRESS is a suite of comprehensive baculovirus expression services that can be tailored to individual requirements. The new services can provide customers with multiple recombinant viruses quickly and cost-effectively. Services include gene synthesis; polymerase chain reaction cloning; subcloning; production of recombinant viruses using flashBAC, flashBACGOLD, or flashBACULTRA virus DNA; expression optimization; protein production and purification; and next-day virus titration using baculoQUANT methodology.

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Automatic Melting Point Detection

The SMP40 automatic melting point detection apparatus incorpor-ates the latest digital video imaging technology to detect and capture the melting point of up to three samples simultaneously. With a color VGA screen to view the melting process in real time or retrospectively, the SMP40 introduces an innovative split-design concept for maximum footprint flexibility. For example, the sample side of the apparatus can be located at the back of the bench or even in a fume cupboard, while the control side detects which way the unit is being used and adjusts the screen orientation accordingly. Around 200 results can be stored in the form of AVI video files. Features include a safety hood to protect samples and act as a light shield, a capillary storage drawer with integral glass cutter, and a sample storage area.

Fast Image Capture

Version 4.7.2 of AxioVision software enables fast image capture using the CellObserver SD and Laser TIRF 3 microscope systems. AxioVision now enables the combination of high-speed image capture under physiological conditions (such as incubation) and fast confocal microscopy, enhancing three-dimensional living cell imaging. The new software also permits the analysis of near-membrane processes at a high temporal resolution.

Flow Cytometer System

The Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer System includes two lasers and six detectors in only 2 square feet. The system includes blue and red lasers (488 nm and 640 nm), four fluorescence detectors, and two scatter detectors (forward and side). It features simple setup, with no detector voltage or gain adjustment required. Its software has an intuitive user interface designed with the researcher in mind. This cytometer works with current reagents and protocols, and data can be exported to popular third-party packages.

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