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Science  01 May 2009:
Vol. 324, Issue 5927, pp. 663
DOI: 10.1126/science.324_663a

Shaker Powder Dispensing

Powdernium SV is a new shaker powder dispenser suitable for applications such as compound management, sample preparation, and reference standards preparation. Powdernium SV acts as a hybrid vial hopper and storage vessel that enables low-cost storage without the requirement to subdivide materials, helping to save precious resources. An important feature is a patent-pending valve cap that provides precision flow regulation and quick-access storage without cross-contamination, helping to maintain the integrity and accuracy of dispensing results. The valve cap and vial hopper are disposable, so there is no need for cleaning or worries about carryover.

High Throughput Plates

The PreDictor 96-well plates for high throughput process development and parallel screening of chromatographic conditions now offer Assist software and additional prefilled 96-well plates. The extended portfolio includes Assist software for experimental setup and evaluation, MabSelect Xtra and Q and SP Sepharose Fast Flow media, anion and cation exchange chromatography (AIEX/CIEX) screening plates with multiple media in the same plate, and plates for the determination of adsorption isotherms. The Assist software guides the user through the experimental workflow and suggests an experimental design based on the type of study. PreDictor plates enable fast evaluation of up to 96 chromatography conditions per plate, reduce experiment time, and decrease sample consumption. The AIEX/CIEX screening plates provide the flexibility to screen several chromatography media in a single plate.

Capillary Columns

Six new offerings have been added to the Onyx monolithic high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) column line, including a 150 x 0.05 mm ID choice for proteomics research. Optimized for the low flow rates commonly used for liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry proteomics analysis, this column delivers high sensitivity for biomarker discovery. Other new column sizes include a 0.2 mm C18 column for higher flow rates, a 150 x 0.2 mm trapping column, a 150 x 0.1 mm C8 column, and two ultrahigh-resolution C18 columns at 100 micron and 200 micron IDs. The permeable Onyx media separates viscous biological samples that clog traditional columns. These columns contain solid rods of fused silica and eliminate packing issues associated with particulate media. Run times are as much as 50 percent faster than with traditional columns.

Tissue System

With the PAXgene Tissue System, researchers can perform histology, immunohistochemistry, and stabilized RNA, microRNA, and DNA extractions from one sample. The system combines tissue fixation with nucleic acid stabilization. For example, a biopsy sample can be assessed by a pathologist for morphology, then the same sample can be used for molecular analysis. The system has two components: a tissue container and tissue kits. The dual-chambered container is prefilled with two reagents: PAXgene Tissue Fix for fast penetration and fixation, and PAXgene Tissue Stabilizer for storage and transport. The fixation process features a standard histocassette with a fixative that is an alternative to formalin and is stopped by transferring the sample into the stabilizer. Tissue can then be paraffin embedded and processed in pathology workflows. After tissue has been stabilized in PAXgene tissue containers, RNA, microRNA, and DNA can be purified.

Storage Tubes

The Micronic Deluxe Starter Pack contains everything needed to start using two-dimensional (2D) coded sample storage tubes: an easy-to-use electric capper, a 2D barcode rack scanner with operating software, two cases of racked 1.4-ml 2D coded tubes with caps, some manual cap removers, and a tube selector. The tubes contain a unique inside ring for secure sealing; the capper pushes caps into exactly the right depth to ensure a reliable, high-integrity seal.


Biohit Proline Pipettes offer lightweight design, excellent accuracy and precision, and a three-year warranty. Most models are available with Safe Cone Filters. They are made following good manufacturing practices to ensure traceability. They cover a volume range from 0.1 µl to 5 ml with eight adjustable single-channel models and eight adjustable multichannel models. They are also available in fixed-volume single-channel models.

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