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Science  15 May 2009:
Vol. 324, Issue 5929, pp. 959
DOI: 10.1126/science.324_959a

Pipetting Tools

The CyBi-WellFlex and CyBi-WellFlex vario provide a unique combination of a multipipetting head, an eight-channel and one-channel pipetting tool, as well as an optional dispenser for the automation of liquid handling applications in biochemistry, molecular biology, and drug discovery. A particularly interesting innovation is the combination of the eight-channel and one-channel pipetting tool on one pipetting head, making both instantly available without time-consuming replacement. This allows automation of the process from the creation of the master mix to the simultaneous processing of a large number of samples. This ability makes it possible to combine the processing of applications, such as the replication or reformatting of complete microplates in the formats of 96-well, 384-well, and 1,536-well; the execution of dilution series; and the hit-picking in an integrated platform. The systems can be integrated into standardized flow boxes for sterile work with cell cultures.

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Gel Visualization

SafeCloner enables safe, ultraviolet-free visualization of ethidium bromide, SYBR Green, and SYBR safe gels. SafeCloner allows DNA bands to be seen safely and clearly, using high-efficiency LED illumination and filter glasses. The use of LED illumination removes the dangers of conventional transilluminator use, such as stray ultraviolet light, which can cause retinal damage. LED illumination does not damage DNA even after long exposure times. In addition, the cloning efficiency of DNA fragments eluted from gels exposed to SafeCloner is significantly greater than that of DNA isolated from traditional ultraviolet-illuminated gels. SafeCloner's blue epi-LED illumination and special filter glass result in greater sensitivity and contrast than longer wavelength 365-nm transilluminators. SafeCloner can be used with inexpensive gel documentation products such as the Cleaver Scientific Microdoc unit.

Blood RNA Isolation Kit

The BiOstic Stabilized Blood RNA Isolation Kit is for the extraction of total RNA from PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes in one hour with high yields. A specially formulated wash buffer ensures reliable and complete collection of cells at the start of the protocol and a novel homogenization method provides more complete RNA solubilization for increased recovery on spin filter membranes. Deoxyribonuclease I and a high-activity buffer are provided for on-column genomic DNA removal during the procedure. All wash buffers contain ethanol to save time and ensure reagent quality.

Complete DNA Profiles

A new 16-locus system makes it possible to get complete profiles from inhibited DNA samples. Forensic samples are often compromised by substances like dirt, fabric dyes, or blood, leading to inconclusive results. The robust and sensitive PowerPlex 16 HS System contains optimized buffer that makes it possible to obtain informative results even with challenging samples, achieving full profiles with higher levels of inhibitors than previously possible. In cases with very limited DNA, like touch samples, PowerPlex 16 HS is sensitive, giving complete profiles with 100 pg of DNA and interpretable data with even less sample. The newly designed product comes complete with internal lane standard in addition to hot-start Taq DNA polymerase premixed in the reaction buffer. The protocol requires fewer pipetting steps than previous systems.

PCR without DNA Purification

Until the launch of Direct PCR, it had been virtually impossible to amplify DNA directly from starting material due to the presence of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) inhibitors. A separate DNA purification step had been needed to remove the inhibitors, which increases costs and hands-on time. Direct PCR eliminates the need for DNA purification prior to PCR and allows PCR to be performed directly from different types of starting material, including blood, mouse ear and tails, and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue. Direct PCR is based on Finnzymes' unique DNA polymerases featuring fusion protein technology, Phusion High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases and Phire Hot Start DNA Polymerase. These robust polymerases tolerate PCR inhibitors significantly better than conventional polymerases like Taq or Pfu, which can be completely inhibited by minimal amounts of PCR inhibitors. The first Direct PCR kit specifically for blood was recently launched: Phusion Blood Direct PCR Kit.

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