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Science  29 May 2009:
Vol. 324, Issue 5931, pp. 1217
DOI: 10.1126/science.324_1217a

Nitrogen/Sulfur/Chlorine Analyzer

The Titan 4000 NSX analyzer for total nitrogen, sulfur, and chlorine analysis offers users in the refinery and petrochemical markets superior sample introduction and oxidative combustion performance. Its innovative detectors enable fast analysis speed with accuracy and reliability of results. Its range covers concentrations from low parts per billion to high parts per million. The incorporation of a powerful combustion method allows the analyzer to cater to a wide range of applications in refinery and chemical samples, including naphtha, aromatics, automotive fuels, biodiesel fuels, and LPG samples. The analyzer can process total nitrogen and total sulfur samples in two minutes and total chlorine samples in under four minutes.

DNA, RNA, and Protein Isolation

The illustra triplePrep kit is for rapid, simultaneous isolation of genomic DNA, RNA, and total denatured protein from a single undivided sample in less than one hour. The kit is a combination of two spin columns and six buffers optimized for use with mammalian cell culture or animal tissue. High quality and yield DNA, RNA, and protein can be successfully isolated from a range of tissue types, such as liver, kidney, spleen, brain, lung, and intestine, and the cell lines HeLa, NIH-3T3, CHO-K1, and HEK-293. Tissue amounts ranging from 1 to 20 mg and cell amounts ranging from 0.3 million to 5 million cells can be used for each preparation. Direct correlations of data derived from genomic DNA, RNA, and protein can be drawn with confidence because the data are obtained from the same undivided starting sample.

Dispensing Device

The sciSwifter is a device for high-precision dispensing in 96-well, 384-well, and 1,536-well microplates. A drop-on-demand dispenser, it can dispense up to 16 different substances in parallel into various multiwell formats. The dispensing range is 100 pl to 100 µl with dead volumes close to zero. Each nozzle has online-drop-control and optical volume determination. The dispenser includes integrated touch-screen controls, a robotics shuttle, and external software for integration into automated robotics platforms. Its disposable pen technology enables preparation, storage, sonication, and dispensing of reagents to be performed in one integrated device. Substances can be stored directly in the dispensing pen, which serves as a closed container, eliminating the need for heat seals and ensuring sample integrity.

Positive Displacement Pipette

The Pos-D is a positive-displacement pipette with ergonomic features. Nonaqueous solutions that are viscous, dense, or high in vapor pressure are difficult to aspirate correctly with regular air-displacement pipettes. The Pos-D overcomes this problem by providing the pressure equalization needed to handle such solutions within the pipette tip. For example, a volatile liquid that would otherwise evaporate and force some of the sample out of the tip remains intact with the Pos-D because of the pressure equalization. The Pos-D's large handle fits comfortably in the hand. An ergonomic finger-hook eliminates the need to grip the pipette firmly. The volume control setting faces the user.

Hepatocyte Isolation

The Hepatocyte Isolation System provides reliable, convenient, and consistent hepatocyte cell isolation. The kit contains an optimized combination of enzymes to minimize lot-to-lot variation and improve the quality of the isolated hepatocytes. Each kit includes single-use enzyme vials, balanced salt solution, buffer, culture media, and a protocol for five adult rat liver perfusions. A modified protocol for mouse applications is also available.

Reactor Master

The Reactor Master is for automating jacketed reactor systems and data logging without the need for any PC software. Designed for use with synthesis equipment in chemical laboratories, the system can automate circulators or chillers, stirrers, thermocouples, and resistance temperature detectors from virtually any manufacturer via an easy-to-use control knob. Data can be viewed in real-time and exported for offline analysis. The Reactor Master Basic is controlled using a multifunction knob that allows set points, ramps, or sophisticated profiles for temperature and stirring speed. Data are continually saved as a CSV file that can be exported with a USB stick. The Reactor Master Pro features closed loop control of the circulator for a uniform reaction temperature. A software upgrade enables graphs to be generated with the click of a button. Both models are compatible with a wide range of thermoregulators, temperature sensors, overhead stirrers, pH meters, and turbidity systems.

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