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Science  12 Jun 2009:
Vol. 324, Issue 5933, pp. 1462
DOI: 10.1126/science.324_1462a

Continuous Flow Reactor

The Uniqsis FlowSyn continuous flow reactor allows the user to conduct multiple flow chemistry experiments in a single run, making it suitable for reaction optimization, profiling, or scale-up. The optional Multiple Experiment Package integrates the FlowSyn reactor with a Gilson FC203B or FC204 fraction collector to produce a compact system capable of running up to 10 sequential experiments with different reaction times, temperatures, and reagent ratios. Setting up 10 experiments takes only a few minutes: The user needs only to set up one reaction completely, and the process is replicated to conduct a series of experiments, with individual parameters easily modified using a simple spreadsheet interface. Two protocols are available. In fractionation mode, reaction products are collected in programmed fractions. In optimization mode, product is collected in a single vial during a programmable window.

Stackable Shakers

The MaxQ 8000 series of stackable shakers offer high levels of performance and reliability for laboratories that need to shake large quantities of flasks in a minimal space. The shakers offer several unique features, such as run points and set points for temperature, speed, and time that are displayed simultaneously for convenient run cycle monitoring. A built-in high efficiency particulate air filter minimizes the chance of cross-contamination and ensures that the air inside the chamber remains clean. A fold-down door with an ergonomically designed handle allows the shaker platform to slide out for easy sample loading. A flip-down latch on the quick-release base prevents the shaker from running if the platform is not secure. All stacking hardware is included. The chamber of the shaker is crevice-free stainless steel with curved corners and a built-in drain.

Laser Scanning Microscope

The LSM 7 MP laser scanning microscope is tailored to the needs of multiphoton microscopy. Offering flexibility, a compact design, and ease of use, it generates high-resolution microscopic images for a wide diversity of experiments in biomedical and basic research. Because it includes two scanners in one compact system, two lasers with different wavelengths can be used sequentially or simultaneously for specimen imaging and manipulation. A wide range of detectors and filter equipment, and an extensive line of accessories, enable system customization. The LSM 7 MP is designed for recording high-resolution images of fluorescent structures. The applications extend from high-resolution three-dimensional imaging in long-term observations of development processes and functional imaging in conjunction with simultaneous photomanipulation to imaging in combination with electrophysiological measuring.

Microplate Washer and Dispenser

The EL406 1536-well Microplate Washer Dispenser offers fast and efficient microplate washing and reagent dispensing in 1,536-well, 384-well, and 96-well microplates. The instrument combines washing with up to three reagent dispensers, eliminating the need for separate instruments for each assay wash and reagent dispense step. The patented Dual-Action manifold performs applications from gentle washing of loosely adherent cell monolayers to complex washing routines. The EL406 incorporates the integrated patent-pending Ultrasonic Advantage to reduce clogged manifold tubes. A valve switching module automates reagent switching of up to four different buffers. Reagent dispensing is available in both peristaltic and microprocessor-controlled syringe drive reagent dispensing technologies. The EL406 is compatible with the BioStack Microplate Stacker to automate processes involving up to 50 standard-height microplates.

Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer

The 251MX X-ray and extreme ultraviolet spectrometer is for wavelength dispersive spectral measurements from 0.6 nm to 20 nm. The 251MX provides corrected, flat-field spectra with its selection of specially designed diffraction gratings. Data are acquired quickly and easily with direct-detection charge-coupled detectors. The clean stainless steel chamber and vacuum-prepared internal components allow efficient pumping for high vacuum or ultrahigh vacuum applications. The 251MX's small footprint simplifies integration into other systems. The two available gratings (for 0.6 to 6 nm or 5 to 20 nm) have square groove profiles. The laminar design helps to reduce effects of high diffracted orders. The corrected grating designs deliver high-resolution spectra. This standalone spectrograph enables simultaneous spectral detection over a wide range.

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