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Science  03 Jul 2009:
Vol. 325, Issue 5936, pp. 105
DOI: 10.1126/science.325_105a

Wellplate-Transfer Robot

The Wellplate-Transfer Robot System is an automated platform designed to handle multiwell microplates. At the center of the system is a mountable three-axis robot that automatically transfers standard wellplates from 11 slot hotels to an Applied Scientific Instruments (ASI) automated XY stage. The ASI stage provides high resolution and high repeatability and can be mounted onto any common research-grade inverted microscope. The focus can also be automated with one of ASI's DC servomotor Z-drives, which can be retrofitted to the fine-focus shaft of most microscopes or with one of ASI's patented piezo-Z top-plate stages for nanometer-scale focusing. The robot can be controlled through its Teaching Pendant or through RS-232 serial communication.

TLC Plate Readers

The Chromascan and Chromascan Lite thin-layer chromatography (TLC) plate readers provide rapid, accurate documentation and analysis of nonradioactive TLC plates. Both lines feature a high-resolution 16-bit, color charge–coupled device camera inside a darkroom. It takes just a few simple mouse clicks and a few seconds for the instrument to provide accurate results as TLC plate images and chromatograms. These good-laboratory-practices compliant systems are compact enough to fit inside a fume hood and can be supplied with a computer or connected to one in the laboratory. The darkrooms are designed with overhead ultraviolet (254 nm and 365 nm) and white lighting to provide the flexibility to automatically image all fluorescent or visible TLC plates. The Chromascan darkroom is computer controlled and its camera has a motorized zoom lens with feedback, for full-process automation.

Microplate Mover

The Orbiter RS is a high-speed microplate mover offering reliable performance with flexible plate handling. Extensive vertical reach allows multiple stacked or high-density instruments to be loaded in a small footprint, and a bidirectional telescoping arm provides superior reach, improved user safety, and unlimited base rotations within a 360° workspace. It accommodates plate formats from shallow to deep well, in addition to tip boxes and lids, tubes, and racks. This flexibility is further supported by random or sequential plate access, and the ability to mix modes of storage as assay requirements change. For safety, the robotic arm is able to pass through the base and remain inside the rotating base while turning. It features closed-loop motion control, collision detection, and position recovery.

Microplate Handler

The BenchCel R-Series microplate handlers feature a high-speed robot that can access integrated microplate stacks and peripheral instruments. This customizable, modular design provides the flexibility and scalability required to meet the needs of the most diverse laboratory applications. They are available in two-rack, four-rack, and six-rack configurations, with options for rack capacity and style. Even the smallest instrument in the series can support three peripheral instruments, allowing customers to create highly configurable workstations that combine a broad range of functionality, including barcode labeling, microplate sealing, plate reading, centrifugation, and sophisticated liquid handling using Agilent or third-party peripherals. The series offers the convenience of being able to store and handle most types of microplates, lidded plates, tip boxes, and tube racks. A novel delidding function removes and replaces lids as needed.

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Homogenizing System

The DPS-20 from Pro Scientific is a compact, dual-processing homogenizing system that combines the functions of mechanical and ultrasonic homogenizing for faster sample preparation. It features an innovative, three-in-one design and offers users the choice of a fully automated ultrasonic homogenizing configuration, fully automated mechanical homogenizing, or both. This advanced system offers optimum control and flexibility and can support a wide range of processing needs. The instrument can save time by merging the advantages of each homogenizing method for faster and more efficient sample breakdown. Its automation capacity allows for repeat processing and consistent results.

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