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Science  10 Jul 2009:
Vol. 325, Issue 5937, pp. 219
DOI: 10.1126/science.325_219a

Plasmid Preparation Kits

Plasmid Plus Kits provide convenient, large-scale plasmid preparation. The design and unique binding chemistry of the spin columns allow a simple bind-wash-elute procedure based on a novel chemistry. The procedure can be performed in 20 minutes for the midi/maxi preps and 40 to 50 minutes for mega/giga preps. The plasmid DNA is highly concentrated and ready for use in subsequent applications without further ethanol preparation. The binding chemistry of the Plasmid Plus spin columns ensures that highly pure plasmid DNA is obtained every time. The plasmid DNA is free of contaminants such as RNA, proteins, and genomic DNA.


The E-Man Hybrid is a new generation pipette that offers high performance, durability, and ergonomics. It combines the simplicity of a manual pipette with innovative real-time sensing technology and allows for real-time monitoring of the position of the piston and the amount of liquid dispensed. Good-manufacturing-practice functions include saved calibration and service alerts. It is designed to fulfill the most stringent regulatory requirements. Precision is increased by a visual alert that indicates inadequately executed pipetting of samples. Its ergonomic design includes great feel and light weight.

Chilled Reagent Reservoir Holders

CoolTroughs are new chilled reusable reservoir holders designed to improve the integrity of reagents and extend working time at 0° to 5°C. Manufactured with nontoxic gel encased in heavy duty polyvinyl chloride, CoolTrough reagent reservoir holders chill or freeze quickly and provide consistent cooling without the contamination risks or inconvenience of ice baths. They come with disposable 100-ml polypropylene liners, making it easy and convenient to change or replenish reagents without the use of additional cooling devices.

Electrophoresis System

The Enduro Gel XL system is a compact system for separation of nucleic acids in agarose gels. The system includes a programmable power supply, gel running tank, and a complete gel casting set for quick gel preparation. No expensive consumables, such as precast gels and special buffers, are required. The power supply features a large, digital LCD and allows precise control of voltage, current, and run time. The power supply and gel running tank simply connect side by side, eliminating the typical red and black wire leads and saving bench space. Gel casting accessories allow easy preparation of miniature (6 cm by 6 cm), medium (6 cm by 12.5 cm), and large (12 cm by 12.5 cm) gels with various sample well volumes and spacing. The system is suitable for a wide range of applications from quick screening of a few samples to screening up to 96 polymerase chain reaction samples. All gel trays are ultraviolet-transparent for transillumination.

PCR Detection System

The CFX384 real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detection system with CFX Manager software, Security Edition, can be used to ensure compliance with US Food and Drug Administration regulations for secure handling of electronic records. The system performs high throughput, real-time PCR in a 384-well format conveniently and flexibly. It provides superior performance in uniformity, dynamic range of detection, and multiplexing capabilities. Researchers can run it as a stand-alone system without a computer or run up to four instruments from one computer. Featuring the Bio-Rad C1000 thermal cycler as the base thermal cycler instrument, the CFX384 incorporates innovative optical technologies and software to deliver sensitive, reliable detection for applications including absolute quantitation, genetic variation analysis, and gene expression. The system reads each well individually with high sensitivity and no cross-talk. Multiple data acquisition modes are available to tailor runs to suit any application.

Bar-coded Storage Tubes

Robotics-friendly MatriTubes are laser-etched two-dimensional (2D) tubes in 96-well and 384-well formats. They have a well volume of 35 µl and are supplied with permanent 2D bar codes on the base to track individual samples securely. They are manufactured of high-grade, clarified polypropylene. They can maintain sample integrity with cap and foil sealing options.

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