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Science  14 Aug 2009:
Vol. 325, Issue 5942, pp. 886
DOI: 10.1126/science.325_886a

Automated Opener and Closer

The DeCapper is an automated instrument for the opening and closing of screw-cap tubes. The programmable DeCapper opens a row of 12 tubes simultaneously, which provides more flexibility than systems that decap 96 tubes at once. The DeCapper includes many quality and safety functions. It operates from outside to inside rows, eliminating the possibility of drip contamination that can occur with 96-tube decappers. Built-in torque monitoring ensures a consistent seal and reports the exact location if a tube is not completely sealed. After removal, caps are placed on a separate, removable holder. Applications for the DeCapper include storage of biological materials like DNA, cells, blood, tissue, and plant materials as well as compound storage in drug discovery research.

Lab Reactor

Lara Lite is a manually controlled lab reactor that eliminates the need for multiple reaction setups. A dedicated push-button speed control box with LCD display provides electronic control from 50 rpm to 1,000 rpm with torque display. The reactor features an RS-232 interface for optional computer control and logging using any generic control software. Lara Lite is designed to replace the requirement for multiple glass reaction setups in multiple fumehoods. Its ability to accept jacketed vessels from 100 ml to 10 liters means that a single synthesis workstation can be used for a variety of projects. The user can select the vessel size and style and change it in minutes, without the need for tools.

Budget Freeze Dryer

A budget-priced version of the Virtis AdVantage Plus laboratory freeze dryer includes a package of popular accessories. It includes packaged data collection and graphic trending software, stainless steel product trays, a thermocouple probe positioning assembly, and a complete 600-ml filter seal flask assembly. This versatile system can freeze-dry bulk product or be configured for applications in stoppered vials. Slide-mounted manifold valves provide the additional flexibility to freeze-dry product in flasks. Three refrigeration choices are available for the large six-liter capacity condenser, depending on the type of product and solvents being lyophylized. It can be configured with up to three fluid-cooled shelves that maintain precise temperature control previously available only in pilot- and production-scale units.

Cell Migration Assembly Kit

A new addition to a line of cell-based assays, the Oris Cell Migration Assembly Kit-FLEX provides the flexibility to divide 96 experiments over four plates. Researchers can design two-dimensional and three-dimensional cell studies using partially filled plates without having to compromise the sterility or the integrity of the Oris plates. Each kit includes four packages of 24 Oris Cell Seeding Stoppers, four 96-well Oris-compatible plates, an Oris Stopper Tool, and an Oris Detection Mask. Cell migration is critical to a variety of in vivo processes, including tumor cell metastasis, wound healing, and tissue regeneration. The Oris Cell Migration Assembly kits are unique in that they enable the researcher to compare and visualize cell migration or cell invasion in real time by using live cell stains with a microscope, digital imaging system, or microplate reader.

Upright Freezers

The Revco Plus HD ultralow temperature upright freezers feature innovative thin-wall insulation technology, which maximizes interior storage capacity without increasing the footprint of the cabinet. These freezers are available in 25- and 32-cubic-foot models, with the latter being the world's largest ultralow temperature upright freezer, offering a capacity of 70,000 samples in the same footprint as a conventional 25-cubic-foot freezer. A patented refrigeration system and a robust electronics platform provide excellent energy efficiency, temperature stability, and fast recovery times across the entire range, ensuring the highest possible sample integrity. A fully programmable microprocessor control system, real-time visibility, and precise temperature setpoints allow users to quickly and accurately monitor internal conditions.

Web Service

The Discovery Gate Web Service provides access to current chemical sourcing, molecular property, synthetic methodology, bioactivity, and toxicology information from Symyx and participating content providers. Designed to accelerate scientific workflows, decision making, and productivity in research and development, the service provides platform-independent, remotely hosted scientific content.

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