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Science  28 Aug 2009:
Vol. 325, Issue 5944, pp. 1147
DOI: 10.1126/science.325_1147a

Cell Counter and Analyzer

The Cedex HiRes cell counter and analyzer system for automated cell culture analysis measures cell density, viability, aggregation rate, cell morphology, and cell debris through the Trypan Blue exclusion method, with high-resolution digital image recognition. The system's image quality allows deep insights into even subtle changes in a cell culture, such as monitoring baculovirus transfections for protein production via measurement of cell diameter changes. Designed to work in a production environment while strictly adhering to quality guidelines, Cedex HiRes features software with extensive capabilities for data management and control to ensure compliance with all current good manufacturing practice regulations.

Stem Cell Culturing

The CompacT CellBase is an automated system for culturing stem cell and other adherent cell lines in a good manufacturing practice environment. Based on The Automation Partnership's established CompacT SelecT cell culture system, CompacT CellBase is available with easy-to-configure cell processing protocols. This capability offers cell therapy manufacturers the flexibility to automate cell seeding, expansion, media changing, and cell harvesting in an aseptic environment. An optional module measures confluence, and, at set thresholds, automatically begins cell harvesting, thus maintaining stem cells in an undifferentiated state without any manual intervention. The system can reduce the number of manual processing steps and eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination, making it suitable for producing cells for use in the clinic.

Liquid Handling Set

A new Liquid Handling Set aids in keeping cell culture work streamlined and organized when pipetting and aspirating liquids. The set includes a Pipetboy pipetting aid for accurately transferring media buffers with serological pipettes, a Vacuboy hand operator for efficient vacuum removal of media and cell culture supernatants, and a Vacusafe all-in-one aspiration system that ensures safe handling and containment of liquids. The set unites the Pipetboy and Vacuboy in a unique holding stand that ensures efficient use of the sterile area in the user's biological safety cabinet, with the tools within easy reach for fast, safe, and effortless handling of cell cultures. The stand allows users to park their Pipetboy with inserted pipette to minimize the risk of contamination and make economic use of sterile pipettes.

Gene Integration Kits

The cGPS Custom kits for targeted gene integration in native cell lines are designed to enable researchers to customize their own cell lines. Instead of buying modified cell lines for performing targeted integration, researchers can use the kits to customize their existing cell lines. The kits feature modified-specificity meganucleases, which are "DNA scissors" capable of recognizing and cutting a single genomic site with a high degree of accuracy. Each cGPS Custom kit contains a modified-specificity meganuclease for integrating a gene of interest at a unique, native genomic site in a given cell line. The kits enable the generation of CHO-K1 clones within a month and have a targeted integration rate of more than 90 percent.

Colony Counter and Zone Sizing System

The ProtoCOL 2 system for rapid, accurate automated colony counting and zone measurement is an ergonomically designed imaging unit that features dark screens to eliminate ambient light effects and improve imaging results. The unit contains a high-resolution camera as well as red, blue, and green LED lighting integrated into the processor and software. The software is accessed via a touch-screen monitor sitting above the unit and features on-screen commands, allowing users to intuitively set up their system in minutes. The system's unique lighting method illuminates the plates in three different colors. The system's camera captures each image and integrates it in seconds to generate high-definition, life-like images. This enables precise counts of difficult-to-see colonies and accurate measurements of zones with indistinct edges.

Electrocompetent Cells

The ER2738 and SS320 Electrocompetent Cells can be used to create large phage display libraries and speed discovery. The cells feature transformation efficiencies as high as 4 x 1010 cfu/µg, which results in easier creation of larger phage display libraries. This approach is often used in high throughput screening of protein interactions and may be critical to the development of therapeutic antibodies and drug discovery.

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