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Science  04 Sep 2009:
Vol. 325, Issue 5945, pp. 1289
DOI: 10.1126/science.325_1289a

Raman Materials Characterization

OMNIC Spectra software was developed to improve the quality and ease of gathering sample information contained in Raman spectral data. The new software brings dependable, clear, and easy-to-understand results without challenging data preparation and interpretation. These capabilities allow customers to quickly improve analytical problem solving in forensic science, pharmaceutical, polymer, and research laboratories. Previously available only on Fourier transform infrared instruments, OMNIC Spectra for Raman spectroscopy is designed to achieve productivity and sensitivity improvements in fast-paced Raman laboratories that need to analyze the molecular composition of raw materials, production processes, and finished goods.

Stem Cell Medium

The ESGRO Complete Plus medium is for feeder-free and serum-free culture of murine embryonic stem cells designed to maintain the cells' pluripotency. It includes the original ESGRO Complete clonal grade formulation, plus a glycogen synthase kinase 3b (GSK3b) inhibitor supplement to help prevent differentiation. Recent studies have shown the GSK3b inhibitors help maintain pluripotency and self-renewal through the Wnt pathway. Cells cultured in the medium supplemented with the GSK3b inhibitor consistently display better growth characteristics, cell morphology, viability, and proliferation rates compared with cells cultured in the original ESGRO Complete medium alone.

Microvolume Spectrophotometer

The AlphaSpec is a unique in-tip microvolume ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometer. Its noncontact detection method allows as little as 2 µl of sample to be measured while in a pipette tip, with complete recovery of the sample for downstream analysis. New analysis and measurement software enhances its workflow and performance. New features include automatic autoblanking; the ability to set up and store linear interpolation graphs based on known standards for Bradford, Lowry, or other common assays; and overlay of graphs to enable the comparison of replicate samples or to visualize changes in spectra at a glance. The new software enables one-click printing of all data and graphs, as well as the ability to export the data into Excel or ASCII format. The software can also display the microarray dye incorporation ratios of labeled oligonucleotides. It calculates both the concentration of each dye and the number of molecules per base.

Laboratory Information Management System

The Labworks LIMS version 6.1 software now supports Labworks WebTop for web client access. The WebTop requires no installation of software on the client device. Labworks users can run the program from a wide variety of web browsers, including wireless devices. The program can be deployed with minimal user training. In today's rapidly changing portable device market, it can protect users from hardware obsolescence. The software supports the unique needs of laboratories, from prelog-in sample organization through reporting and data distribution. A configurable workflow allows laboratories to focus on only those process steps that are relevant to a sample lifecycle, allowing greater control over resources without changing the way the laboratory operates.

Capillary Isoelectric Focusing

A new peptide-based, isoelectric point (pI) kit, the pI Marker Kit, is for the charge heterogeneity analysis of biotherapeutics based on advanced capillary isoelectric focusing techniques. The new synthetic pI calibrators attain high levels of precision in pI identification and isoform quantitation. They are packaged as a set containing markers for pI 4.1, 5.5, 6.7, 7.0, 9.5, and 10.0, each in sufficient quantity for 100 tests. The markers were developed for use on Beckman Coulter's PA 800 and PA 800 plus capillary electrophoresis systems.

Yeast Monitoring

The YC-1 Flow Chamber is designed for using time-lapse microscopy to monitor yeast cell growth in the presence of changing media. The unique flow cell of the YC-1 allows the user to seamlessly and rapidly change the liquid environment while observing yeast cell proliferation in a bidimensional manner over multiple cell cycles, all without cell washout. For use with inverted microscopes only, the YC-1 Flow Chamber offers models with resistive heating or Peltier temperature control options.

Flow Cytometry Kit

The Human/Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell 4-Color Flow Cytometry Kit contains four different fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies and corresponding isotype controls for single-step staining of human and mouse embryonic stem cells. The conjugated antibodies include anti-SOX2, anti-Oct-3/4, antiSSEA-1, and antiSSEA-4. The kit includes fixation, permeabilization, and wash buffers.

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