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Science  11 Sep 2009:
Vol. 325, Issue 5946, pp. 1409
DOI: 10.1126/science.325_1409a

Proteomics System

The Lucid Proteomics System combines Bio-Rad's ProteinChip surface-enhanced laser desorption/ionization-based array technology with Bruker's ultrafleXtreme matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization/time of flight/time of flight mass spectrometer, enabling researchers to use both top-down and bottom-up proteomics approaches for biomarker discovery on the same system. The Lucid ID Access Pack, the first product designed for the system, allows researchers who currently profile their biomarkers using Bio-Rad's ProteinChip array technology to complete the biomarker purification process and identify these biomarkers with high confidence. An advantage of the Lucid ID Access Pack is the ability to identify peptides under 4 kilodaltons on a ProteinChip array after a simple, one-step enrichment.

Protein Detection Stains

Three new stains for postelectrophoretic protein detection are reversible and claimed to be more sensitive than many currently available colorimetric and fluorescent stains. Available in blue, green, and red colors as CSLblue, CSLgreen, and CSLred, these protein stains can detect a minimum of 1 ng to 3 ng of protein per square millimeter of gel. Staining is simple, with the gel simply immersed directly within the CSLblue, CSLgreen, or CSLred stain for approximately one hour, which is similar to the time required for stains such as Coomassie and SYPRO Ruby. However, destaining is generally faster, and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. Visualization of the gel is performed with a visible light filter on a standard ultraviolet transilluminator, using the lower energy 312 nm or 365 nm wavelengths.

Quantitative Proteomics

Two new products are designed to increase the productivity of quantitative proteomics research. Intelligent Selected Reaction Monitoring (iSRM) improves the throughput of SRM assays. Available on all Thermo Scientific TSQ (triple stage quadrupole), iSRM increases the sensitivity and selectivity of targeted quantitation assays for simultaneously verifying and quantifying targeted proteins. iSRM is designed to target as many as 1,000 peptides and handle more than 10,000 SRM transitions in a single experiment. As part of this targeted quantitation workflow, Pinpoint software is available as a free download. It is designed to simplify the transition from early-stage biomarker discovery to larger-scale, quantitative verification of putative biomarkers and general quantitative proteomics.

Mass Spectrometry Tools

Two new mass spectrometry tools are designed to help laboratories in a variety of industries advance their efforts to improve public health and safety by advancing food and water contaminant testing, forensic drug screening, and protein biomarker research. Cliquid 3.0 Software is an automated application for contaminant testing and forensic analysis. It enables scientists to identify unknown compounds, expanding the scope of Cliquid software to identify more compounds. The mTRAQ triplex reagents are a set of chemical reagents that label proteins in complex samples for targeted quantitation. They make biomarker identification more accurate and double the throughput of analysis. These tools are optimized for Applied Biosystems/MDS Analytical Technologies mass spectrometers.

GC Columns

Two mid-polarity columns have been added to the Zebron Inferno high-temperature gas chromatography (GC) line. The ZB-XLB-HT and ZB-35HT can withstand temperatures up to 400°C, enabling analyses of compounds with high molecular weights and boiling points. The Zebron Inferno nonmetal columns are stable at high temperatures due to proprietary coating and binding technologies, providing long lifetime, low bleed, and low activity. They are suitable for analyses in environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, toxicology, and biofuels applications.

Structural Elucidation Software

Mass Frontier 6.0 is a powerful mass spectrometry (MS) software

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