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Science  16 Oct 2009:
Vol. 326, Issue 5951, pp. 457
DOI: 10.1126/science.326_457a

Peptide Delivery System

Transductin is a peptide-based double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) transduction delivery system. Intended for in vitro testing and high throughput screening projects, Transductin complexes with dsRNAs and delivers them across cell membranes via macropinocytosis. This mechanism minimizes the risk of the dsRNA triggering an innate immune response and has virtually no toxicity, both of which are common drawbacks when using cationic lipid transfection. As a result, Transductin enables delivery of dsRNAs to almost all cell types, including those that are traditionally difficult to transfect, such as JAWSII and PC12.

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Ultraviolet Sterilization Cabinets

The compact uvCAB ultraviolet (UV) sterilization cabinets provide safe, nucleic acid–free environments for setting up polymerase chain reactions (PCR). The cabinets minimize the potential for PCR contamination, providing the equivalent of a "mini clean-room." The cabinets are suitable for the decontamination of equipment used for setting up PCR because they include powerful UV lights that denature nucleic acids in 5 to 30 minutes. The lights are timer controlled with safety switches that automatically turn them off when cabinet doors are opened to prevent user exposure to UV light. The cabinets also provide an efficient shield against beta radiation, so can be used safely with isotopes such as 32P. They also include a white light for visibility when working inside the cabinet.

Cloning Linkers

The AIR Adenylated Linkers are 5'-adenylated linker oligonucleotides that facilitate microRNA cloning and sequencing. The linkers are modified to prevent self-ligation and to improve microRNA cloning efficiency. Custom AIR Adenylated Linkers can be designed to meet any user need. Predesigned AIR Adenylated Linkers are available with BanI, AvaI, StyI, or EcoRI restriction sites.

Intracellular Delivery System

The CelLuminate VPS (vesicle-forming polymer system) offers greater efficiency of intracellular delivery of bioactive molecules than conventional liposomal systems. The system can deliver anything from fluorophores to RNA, DNA, and proteins with minimal cytotoxic effects. CelLuminate is made from proprietary biomimetic copolymer and exploits the natural cellular endocytotic pathways. Because the surface chemistry of the vesicles mimics that of cell membranes, the system increases the rate and amount of vesicles endocytosed. CelLuminate VPS is designed so researchers can prepare their own vesicles to encapsulate any bioactive agent, easily and with-out experience.

RNA Isolation Kit

The PowerWater RNA Isolation Kit is designed to isolate high-quality RNA from the microorganisms in any water source. Featuring patented IRT (inhibitor removal technology), the kit can be used even with challenging turbid water samples. It can isolate RNA from all microorganisms found in water, including bacteria, fungi, and algae, in less than 40 minutes, including the deoxyribonuclease step. The kit's convenient small-tube format is compatible with all commonly used water filter types.

Desalting Pipette Tips

The Aspire RP30 desalting pipette tips purify, desalt, and concentrate peptides or low molecular weight proteins. The Aspire tip is a 200-µl pipette tip containing a bed of proprietary styrene-divinylbenzene reversed-phase resin. The tips offer higher binding capacity than conventional C18 desalting tips, allowing purification of up to 30 µg of total peptide from 15–200 µl sample volumes. They are most suitable for desalting and concentrating peptides, low molecular weight proteins, and complex protein samples prior to liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis. The Aspire tip purification method makes use of a color-coded, multichannel protocol that streamlines low to medium throughput sample cleanup.

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