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Science  20 Nov 2009:
Vol. 326, Issue 5956, pp. 1131
DOI: 10.1126/science.326.5956.1131-a

Guide Tube

The MatriMix Guide Tube is designed to secure dispensers' flexible aspiration tubing in the MatriMix Spinner Flask. The reusable Guide Tube is made of high-grade polycarbonate and delrin. The MatriMix Spinner Flask is a disposable one-liter flask molded from virgin polycarbonate. A central magnetic stir paddle maximizes nutrient flow and minimizes dead volume. Its tear-drop shape breaks up laminar flow and allows for uninterrupted aspiration while spinning.

Proteomics Imaging and Analysis

The FluorChem Xplor is an imaging platform for proteomics imaging and analysis that can perform rapid and quantitative two-dimensional gel, chemiluminescent protein immunoblotting, and one-dimensional gel imaging. With this one instrument, a lab can address all its imaging needs relating to proteomics workflow, replacing the need for separate imaging stations or a darkroom and developing machine. The system provides fast, quantitative imaging of large gels. It includes integrated, protocol-driven software for image acquisition, enabling the easy imaging of multiple samples under reproducible lighting and exposure conditions. It also includes image analysis software that can detect spots, quickly normalize to a loading control, and automatically correct for background levels.

Phosphotyrosine Signaling

The SH2 Domain Phosphotyrosine Capture Kits are fast and efficient tools for capturing specific tyrosine phosphorylated proteins from mammalian cell lysates. These kits enable researchers to monitor and profile specific tyrosine phosphorylation events and identify specific SH2 domain protein-protein interaction networks. The assay makes use of SH2 domain peptides tagged with glutathione S-transferase and glutathione agarose resin to capture and pull down the specific binding partners, providing an alternative to traditional immunoprecipitations using phospho-antibodies. The kits also offer an alternative to phosphoprotein enrichment resins that do not discriminate among proteins that are phosphorylated on serines, threonines, or tyrosines. Subsequent analysis of the SH2 domain interactions can be performed using protein immunoblots or mass spectrometry.

Sequencing Software

A Consolidation Tool has been added to the NextGENE software package that enhances the detection of low-frequency single nucleotide polymorphisms, such as mosaic/somatic mutations, from deep sequence data generated by second-generation sequencing systems such as the Illumina Genome Analyzer, Applied Biosytems' SOLiD System, and Roche Applied Science's Genome Sequencer. Identification of low-frequency variants is a valuable tool for developing personalized treatment for individuals with diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus and cancers in drug resistance and other studies.

Wireless Barcode Scanner

Weighing only 225 g, the SampleScan Wireless Barcode Scanner combines the convenience of lightweight handheld operation with the versatility of being able to read coding symbologies, including a wide range of two-dimensional and linear barcodes. It can transmit information to a computer wirelessly using Bluetooth communication.

Histone Demethylase Screening Assay

The Universal Histone Demethylase Fluorescent Detection kit measures the activity of both LSD1-type and Jumonji-type histone demethylases. It allows calibration of activity across labs with its stable formaldehyde standard. Screening of inhibitor activity to any histone demethylase takes place in the supplied plates, followed by addition of the Formaldehyde Detection Reagent. After a short incubation, the amount of formaldehyde produced is measured in a plate reader with excitation at 450 nm and emission at 510 nm.

Mouse Monoclonal Isotyping

The Iso-Gold Rapid Mouse Monoclonal isotyping kits feature a rapid format that reduces the labor of the traditional enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay protocol from a day-and-a-half procedure to a 5-minute assay. The kit is a lateral flow assay that can be run on tissue culture supernatant or mouse ascites fluid. The kit requires a single step—adding diluted antibody sample into the loading well of a cassette—and in less than five minutes provides a color readout of the antibody subtype. The test is also available with kappa and lambda light chains determination.

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